Rush Limbaugh ~ CNN Thinks the Trump Base Exploded…………………………………….!

RUSH: So I just checked the email during the break. “Dear Mr. Limbaugh: The only reason we are having this day of news today, the only reason you are speaking about what you are speaking about today is because the (blanking) Republicans will not do what their party’s president ran on doing. This is not Trump’s fault. It is the elected Republicans’ fault. Sent from my iPhone.” I suspect that that’s a popular sentiment out there.

Now, CNN is having the best time today. I’ve been watching. They’re over here in like — well, maybe like a 13-inch monitor over here to my right. It’s like a 16-by-9 letterbox, everybody SqueeZoomed, like they all look short and fat. It’s a perfect, perfect picture for CNN, of the guests too. But they’re just having the best time because their graphic on the screen all the time is: “Trump base explodes over hints of ‘DREAMer’ deal.”


Meaning you are exploding out there. You people are near the end. You’ve had as much as you can handle. And here is arguably what they’re using to say that. It’s Steve King, congressman from Ohio. He was on CNN today with Alisyn Camerota. This is very early this morning asking about Chuck and Nancy coming out saying they had a deal. And the question she asks, “What did you just hear, what’d you hear the president say?”

KING: Wanting a big or a large or a massive border security deal, that doesn’t address domestic enforcement. If we don’t build a wall all the way through then the rest of it is subject to prosecutorial discretion, his, as was under Barack Obama’s, or the next president. So I think something’s gonna have to be reversed here with this president’s policy or it’ll just blow up his base. I mean, this was a straight-up promise all the way through his campaign. I don’t think it’s unclear to anybody what those campaign promises were, but it looks to me like he’s preparing to keep Hillary Clinton’s campaign promise rather than his own.

RUSH: Congressman King at this point in time in the morning believed what Chuck and Nancy were saying, that Trump had a agreed to a deal on the DREAMers and had gotten nothing on getting rid of the wall for it, and the wall was not part of the deal.

He wasn’t the only one. David “Rodham” Gergen, who is the definition of Washington conventional wisdom. You ever want to know what consensus and groupthink and conventional wisdom in Washington is, just find what David “Rodham” Gergen is saying and you’ll find out what 99% of ’em are thinking. And he was on CNN last night, after Chuck and Nancy came out after dinner and started chortling about how they rolled Trump and they got what they wanted and no wall and so forth. Here’s what Gergen said.

Gergen: I think there will be a lot of Republicans look at this and say, this guy may cut a deal, but he gets rolled in the deal. I mean, he gave up the wall and he gave up DACA, and what does he get back in return?


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