Thinking the Unthinkable about Hurricanes

Thinking the Unthinkable about Hurricanes
American ^ | September 16, 2017 | Brian C. Joondeph

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Hurricane season runs from June through November, with September 10 as the peak of hurricane activity in the Atlantic. Right on schedule, Hurricane Irma blasted Florida on this very day, the season peak. Why are we cursed with such massive and destructive storms?

Theories abound. A cruel joke from Mother Nature. A consequence of global warming or climate change. Payback to America, and in particular Florida and Texas, for electing Donald Trump as president, as actress Jennifer Lawrence suggested. Or a way to drive up oil prices and hurt minorities, as some think George W Bush did with Katrina, steering the great storm into Louisiana.

Unanswered by news anchors and actresses, who likely never studied science beyond the high school level, are several questions.

First, if global warming has been occurring for the past several decades, at least since Time and Newsweek warned us in the mid 1970s of the perils of the coming ice age, why are Harvey and Irma the first major hurricanes to hit the US since 2005? We should have been getting pounded each and every year with ever more severe hurricanes. Didn’t Al Gore tell us that Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was just the beginning? Why the 12-year hurricane drought?

Second, if global warming is causing more superstorms, why is Hurricane Irma ranked only number seven in severity of storms to hit the US? The worst being in 1935, before SUVs existed and when air conditioners were a rare luxury.

Third, what is a “normal” hurricane season? The past few weeks? The past 12 years? Who defines normal? Given that recorded hurricane history is only a few hundred years old, how do we know what hurricanes were like 500 years ago? Or 5,000 years ago? Or 50,000 years ago?

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