To Have and Have Not…………………………..!

To Have and Have Not
Steyn On-line ^ | September 16. 2017 | Mark Steyn

Posted on 9/17/2017, 9:57:10 AM by Twotone

Last weekend Hurricane Irma clobbered Florida, and we offered by way of aural consolation a special edition of our Song of the Week dedicated to “Songs in the Keys of Florida”. It included this 1980s hit by Bertie Higgins:

We had it all Just like Bogie and Bacall Starring in our own Late Late Show Sailing away to Key Largo…

Which made me think maybe it’s time for Key Largo as our Saturday-night movie date. And then I thought some more and decided that the Bogie/Bacall film I really liked from that neck of the woods, or seas, was set in another patch of Irma-devastated real estate. So we’re going to do what Howard Hawks did when he bought the rights to Ernest Hemingway’s original novel of To Have and Have Not: Hawks relocated the story from Key West to Martinique, and likewise we’re swapping Key Largo for Martinique, where we have at least a couple of readers, whom I hope are holding up okay. And, if you’re one of our Keys readers, well, Humphrey Bogart’s fishing boat in this film retaines its Florida origins: the Queen Conch, registered in Key West.

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