By Judi McLed:  ~ Canada Free Press Exclusive: Russian Election Collusion Confirmed

Canada Free Press Exclusive:

Russian Election Collusion Confirmed

Proof of “Russian Collusion” in American elections generally ignored by the mainstream media up to the present day comes in the words of Vladimir Putin to RT Russia TV in 2012.

That’s when Putin said Obama was “an honest person who really wants to change much for the better.” (Reuters, Sept. 6, 2012)

Another prominent Russian was also on the public record for urging Americans to vote Obama back in the presidential race of 2012.

In an address to more than a thousand people, just days before the 2012 presidential election,  Mikhail Gorbachev urged a captive audience to vote Barack Hussein Obama:

“Less than a week before the U.S. election, former president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev berated America and all but endorsed the sitting president and fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner at an event I attended in Houston. (Marta H. Mossburg, Baltimore Sun, Nov. 6, 2012)

“Speaking last Thursday from a podium built by oil money and introduced by a socialite teetering in a French shoemaker’s trademarked red-soled heels, he admonished those in the audience to scrap free enterprise for “sustainability.”

Mossburg was referring to Gorbachev’s Louis Vuitton signature shoes in full view as he was facing the audience.

“Taking a theme from Barack Obama’s campaign, Mr. Gorbachev said, “The goals of economic growth should not depend on super profits and overconsumption,” to vigorous applause at the Wortham Center as the banners of major oil company arts patrons benignly welcomed visitors in the grand foyer.

“The man renowned throughout the world for liberalizing the Soviet Union said we need to “reconsider the economic system” and adopt a model that “combines the free market with responsibility of government.”…….





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