Kim Jong-Un – A Danger By Himself Or Just Somebody’s Puppet? IWB ^ | Samvel Harutyunyan

Kim Jong-Un – A Danger By Himself Or Just Somebody’s Puppet?
IWB ^ | Samvel Harutyunyan

Posted on 9/19/2017, 6:03:01 PM by davikkm

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, seems to be quite an ambiguous figure. On the one hand, he is such a cheerful person, often seen in public, at least in his own country, waving with his right hand to his people, the demonstrators, who look also very happy and brave. He demonstrates a very free behavior, generally in public, and this must mean a modernization of the ruler’s image in a country, which is typically Oriental, and mainly you have to be very gloomy and heavy to win people’s trust in the Asia. He is often smiling, even giggling, and makes an impression of an unbridled youngster, who boasts and constantly demonstrates his parents’ rich legacy.

Such is the Korean leader, who attracts the attention of the whole world today. The North Korean nuclear program soon became a nightmare, and not to its neighbors only, particularly the South Korea and Japan, but also to their supervisor and the regional security warrant, the United States. I am sure, that the things won’t differ much, if Kim Jong-un were not in the power, and the North Koreans had another leader, let’s call him Jong Kim-un or Un Kim-jong… What the difference? They all conduct their country’s political strategy, which does minimally depend on persons. At least now, and at least in countries like North Korea, which is not a regional power, such as China, India, or Iran. Such a small country, is making such a big noise. Do they need it indeed, and what is the reason for such a behavior?

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