Democrat Senator Thinks It’s Time To Jump Ship- Considering Switching Parties……………!

Democrat Senator Thinks It’s Time To Jump Ship- Considering Switching Parties
Right Wing News ^ | September 22, 2017 | Margaret M.

Posted on 9/22/2017, 5:56:21 PM by Mafe

Being from West Virginia, Rep. Manchin has had to push back against the coastal Democratic machine from time to time, but this round, the Dems may have gone too far and might be losing one of their Representatives to the Republican side.

We’ve already seen that the Governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, was willing to switch to the Republican side of the aisle, making his announcement at a Trump rally.

Now, it’s looking like Rep. Joe Manchin might do the same. Democrats have already lost the state, both in terms of their wide support for Trump and the loss of the Governorship to the Republicans.

Governor Justice has now endorsed Rep. Manchin for re-election in 2018. And with a Senate vote next week that might overturn ObamaCare, Joe will be put to the test. If Rep. Manchin added his vote to pass the Graham-Cassidy bill, he would instantly be lauded for his work in bringing that bit of Republican-promised legislation closer to the President’s desk for approval.

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