Trump’s ‘sovereignty’ talk was what the UN needed to hear

Trump’s ‘sovereignty’ talk was what the UN needed to hear
NY Post ^ | September 21, 2017 | Rich Lowry

Posted on 9/22/2017, 7:31:25 AM by Oshkalaboomboom

To listen to the commentary, President Trump used an inappropriate term at the United Nations — not just Rocket Man, but “sovereignty.”

It wasn’t surprising that liberal analysts freaked out over Trump’s nickname for Kim Jong-un and his warning that, if necessary, we’d “totally destroy” his country. These lines were calculated to get a reaction. More interesting was the allergy to the president’s defense of sovereign nations.

MSNBC’s Brian Williams wondered if the repeated use of the word “sovereignty” was a “dog whistle.” CNN’s Jim Sciutto called it “a loaded term” and “a favorite expression of authoritarian leaders.”

It was a widely repeated trope that Trump’s speech was “a giant gift,” in the words of BuzzFeed, to China and Russia. In The Atlantic, Peter Beinart concluded that the address amounted to “imperialism.” If so, couched in the rhetoric of the mutual respect of nations, it’s the best-disguised imperialist manifesto in history.

Trump’s critics misrepresent the speech and misunderstand the nationalist vision that Trump was setting out. He didn’t defend a valueless international relativism.

At the start, he warned that “authoritarian powers seek to collapse the values, the systems, and alliances that prevented conflict and tilted the world toward freedom since World War II.” He praised the US Constitution as a “timeless document has been the foundation of peace, prosperity and freedom for the Americans and for countless millions around the globe.”

“The Marshall Plan,” he said, “was built on the noble idea that the whole world is safer when nations are strong, independent and free.”

And he stated, correctly, that “our citizens have paid the ultimate price to defend our freedom and the freedom of many nations represented in this great hall.”

Just window dressing? Trump returned to similar language in his denunciation of the world’s rogue states.

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