What Might Have Been In 2017 Had Hillary Clinton Won

What Might Have Been In 2017 Had Hillary Clinton Won
Huffington and Puffington Post ^ | 09/21/2017 | Barbra Streisand

Posted on 9/23/2017, 7:14:15 PM by E. Pluribus Unum

May our country learn a lesson from this tragic mistake of 2016.

We are approaching the year anniversary of Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton. He lost the popular vote by close to three million votes, promptly claimed massive voter fraud and then set up a phony voter fraud commission to vainly prove his point.

Since the election we have learned more about widespread Russian interference on behalf of Trump and the GOP, as well as possible collusion with the effort by individuals in the Trump campaign. We will see what comes out of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Many of us are stressed every day wondering what craziness Trump will inflict on the world. Perhaps we should consider what might have been, the what ifs of a Hillary win, what has been lost and what opportunities were squandered this year.

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