What Trump’s NFL, Curry remarks should signal to his base (The Left takes the bait)

What Trump’s NFL, Curry remarks should signal to his base (The Left takes the bait)
CNN Opinion ^ | September 23, 2017 | Professor Julian Zelizer, Political Analyst

Posted on 9/23/2017, 7:08:59 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

President Donald Trump is going to war with some high-profile African-American athletes who have political thoughts on their minds. The President said that fans should walk out when NFL players like Colin Kaepernick take a knee during the national anthem to protest our nation’s inadequate response to racial inequities.

After the NBA superstar Stephen Curry told the media that he did not want to go to the White House to be honored by Trump, the President decided to take time from his busy day to tweet a withdrawal of the invitation.

It would be easy to see this as just one more trivial story about an immature president who watches too much television and has no control over his rhetorical impulses.

But it’s much worse than that. Trump’s desire to go after an African-American athlete who has been protesting our well-documented problems with race and criminal justice, or an African-American athlete who does not feel comfortable in the White House given the President’s controversial positions on social issues, fit into a longer and troubling history of his capitalizing on the politics of racial division…..

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