Vanity: Glenn Campbell Galveston Youtube ^ | Glenn Campbell

Vanity: Glenn Campbell Galveston
Youtube ^ | Glenn Campbell

Posted on 9/23/2017, 11:54:50 PM by MtnClimber

RIP Glenn. Galveston is a song about a young man drafted to fight in Vietnam. He left his 21 year old girlfriend and thinks of her and Galveston while he worries of dying. “I clean my gun and dream of Galveston”.

Glenn played briefly for the Beach Boys. From December 1964 through early March 1965, Glen was a touring member of The Beach Boys playing bass and singing Brian Wilson‘s high falsetto harmony part. Brian was in rehab. Glenn could listen to a song once and play it from memory.

Also recommended is The William Tell Overture in memory of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. Relly great guitar work!

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