Obama’s Resistance Coming to Tear Down the West……………………………!

Obama’s Resistance Coming to Tear Down the West

“Most brainwashed Zombies don’t even know why they hate Trump – they just do!”

Barack Hussein Obama may have left the office of the presidency, but don’t think for a moment that his goals and agenda have been fulfilled. One might say that he is ramping it up now that he is out of the White house.

His platform before being voted in as president in 2008 was built upon HATRED for America, dividing the races and economic groups, and presenting America to the world as a weak and ineffective country.  I’m sure our founding fathers had nightmares about a person like Obama being voted into power by the people. Perhaps that is why Benjamin Franklin said the words “You have a Republic – IF you can keep it.”

From canadafreepress.com

The biggest tragedy of modern day history is that a president who came into office hating America, and held fast to his tenure for eight long years before being replaced by a president the American lib-left is teaching the world to hate.

The visceral,  stoked-up “repeat-after-me” hatred of President Donald Trump is the only sign of life in the zombies infected by the pure hate they pick up while watching T.V.

Their hate is of a mindless kind that spews catch-all phrases like “He’s a bigot”, “a racist”,  “a misogynist”  in ready defence of their no-cure malice………….




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