Bill, Hillary and Harvey Weinstein Share the Same Unspeakable Perversion

Bill, Hillary and Harvey Weinstein Share the Same Unspeakable Perversion


Ronan Farrow Conducted a ten month investigation of Harvey Weinstein that revealed three rape charges and multiple sexual assaults. These unmistable findings were reported at the New Yorker yesterday. However, in 2015, it has been revealed that Weinstein should have faced prison long ago as the Manhattan District Attorney’s let Weinstein off of the hook. In fact, Hollywood has long to the aid of this pervert as well.

 Matt Damon, Russell Crowe and NBC Attempt to Block Investigation Into Weinstein’s Nefarious Affairs


Actor Matt Damon took heat over Twitter Monday evening following viral claims that he and Russell Crowe pressured a New York Times journalist into dropping a negative story on Harvey Weinstein in 2004.

On Sunday, journalist and founder of The Wrap, Sharon Waxman, penned an op-ed detailing how Damon and Crowe called her “directly” to pressure her into dropping a story about Miramax Italy’s head Fabrizio Lombardo handling “Weinstein’s women needs” during European film festivals and other events. Waxman had located a young woman in London who Weinstein paid off after an “unwanted sexual encounter.” While the woman would not violate her non-disclosure agreement, Waxman had proof of the payoff.

On Monday, actress Rose McGowan – who was featured in a bombshell NYT Exposé detailing Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse of young actresses, retweeted the story after it was picked up by – asking “Do u realise [sic] how deep the cover ups go?”


Why Is Hollywood In Cover-Up Mode?

Why would these actors, plus NBC coverup  Weinstein’s exploits? The answer is simple as Hollywood is dirty. Dirty as in child-sex-trafficking dirty and with all the publicity, they can ill-afford any more documentation regarding their heinous affairs.

I previously interviewed former Hollywood insider, Jon Robberson, now the present producer of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

Jon was “invited” to leave Hollywood because he could no longer keep quiet about what he was seeing in Hollywood. Breeder babies, ritualist child sex abuse and satanic rituals were all a part of the Hollywood landscape.

This story is extremely grim and you will never see Hollywood the same again. You will also understand why Damon, Crowe and NBC are helping to minimize this in the press.


The Weinstein Allegations Are Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Harvey Weinstein was one of the most prominent defenders of filmmaker Roman Polanski.  For the younber readers, Roman Polanski liked to have sex with children. He was eventually convicted for raping a young, underaged girl. My father used tell me, “show me who are friends are today and I will tell what your life will be like in five years”.

The handling of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment allegations is merely the tip of the iceberg. Weinstein is going down for sexual harrassment and most likely sexual battery. However, he will only be convicted on lesser charges that what he is truly guilty of. He is guilty of participating in child-sex-trafficking and he did so with Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation was complicit.

To expose these connections, I have to take the reader down a parallel path. The HSBC money-laundering path which involved the Clinton Foundation, Loretta Lynch and James Comey. Be patient as I review what I reported 16 months ago because it comes full circle back to Clinton and to Weinstein.

If Corrupt DA’s Feel Compelled to Convict a Public Figure, They Will Convict on the Lesser Included Charge

I had the pleasure of interviewing John Cruz multiple times. John was a Senior VP at HSBC Bank. During the………………




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