FEC Commissioner Uses Russian Meddling As Excuse To Restrict Internet Speech Daily Caller ^ | Oct 12, 2017 | David Warrington

FEC Commissioner Uses Russian Meddling As Excuse To Restrict Internet Speech
Daily Caller ^ | Oct 12, 2017 | David Warrington

Posted on 10/12/2017, 5:33:17 PM by Jim Robinson

Anti-free speech liberals have long sought to regulate and restrict Americans’ freedom of speech on the Internet. Now, their longtime champion, FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, has found her latest excuse to restrict American citizens’ free speech on their own websites, blogs, YouTube, and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Speaking about Russian meddling in the last election at a recent meeting of the FEC (at minute 10:55), Weintraub stated:

If you’re interested I’m happy to talk about it but I’m not here proposing that we reopen the entire Internet rulemaking from 2006. I think that’s something we might want to talk about at some point because, if only because technology has dramatically changed since then, and you know what the state of play back then and the state of play today is just very different, and that might have some ramifications that we might want to think about.

Earlier in the same meeting (at minute 4:20) Weintraub emphasized how technology has changed since the FEC adopted a rule in 2006 leaving free Internet postings free of regulation. Her observations sounded like the predicate justification to change policy.

That’s how government restrictions on civil liberties always begin – a conversation of the avaricious about changes in circumstances that might warrant additional regulation, with a spice of Russian meddling thrown in for demagogic context.

Weintraub’s most recent choice of words is akin to the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent. Rather than lead with what she actually wants – full regulation of speech on the Internet – she was careful to open her conversation without a specific proposal. She knows the public backlash her fellow traveler former FEC Commissioner Ann Ravel encountered after she voted to regulate YouTube videos…

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