The ‘Powertainment’ Industry is Crashing Down Canada Free Press ^ | 10/12/17 | Katy Grimes

The ‘Powertainment’ Industry is Crashing Down
Canada Free Press ^ | 10/12/17 | Katy Grimes

Posted on 10/12/2017, 9:50:39 AM by Sean_Anthony

It’s time to ring the bell on Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, OJ, and Kevin Johnson. America needs to tell them we are so over their kind of celebrity

Hollywood is imploding right before our eyes. The NFL is bleeding fans and advertising dollars. Most daily newspapers have shrunk to the size of a brochure. Evening news has turned into infotainment—less info and news and more ‘tainment.’

The harrowing tale of Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein is all anyone can talk about now, but hundreds, and maybe thousands were sure silent about Weinstein’s sexual exploits over the last two decades. Think of it as the worst kept secret in Hollywood and in liberal Democrat circles.

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