Do You Miss America? Breitbart ^ | October 12,2017 | Tom Tancredo

Do You Miss America?
Breitbart ^ | October 12,2017 | Tom Tancredo

Posted on 10/13/2017, 8:31:06 AM by Hojczyk

Yes, I really miss America.

I miss the time when Hollywood produced movies that instilled pride in who we are.

I miss the time when citizenship meant something more than immunity from deportation, when the study of Columbus, Magellan, and Ponce De Leon inspired a sense of adventure, not a sense of shame.

I miss the time when the First Amendment was sacred and colleges were bastions of free speech.

I really miss Teddy Roosevelt’s America, a nation that heeded his admonition that a nation made of people who refused to assimilate was not a nation at all but simply a “ polyglot boarding house.” And I miss Ronald Reagan’s America when we had an uplifting rebirth of pride and self-confidence.

However, the political establishment’s depravity and corruption are resilient, and the historical roots and pillars of American greatness remain malnourished in our schools and colleges.

advertisement Although Obama is gone from the White House, his operatives still hold onto the reins of power and Trump’s team seems uninterested in dislodging them.

The president has some enormous challenges ahead of him, not the least of which is inspiring a rediscovery of the America our founding fathers fought so hard to establish. How will we ever recover America if we stop looking for it?

Where is Mighty Mouse when we really need him?

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