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10/15/2017 — New Madrid Earthquake hits Missouri border — West Coast on watch ^ | October 15, 2017 | vlogger Dutchsinse

Posted on 10/16/2017, 2:25:57 AM by ransomnote

Original Title: 10/15/2017 — New Madrid Earthquake hits Missouri border — West Coast on watch — Unrest building

Video at link. US related discussion ranges from 11:25 through 37:41 minute marks. Other regions discussed are interesting too. IMHO

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This vlogger is not associated with the USGS. In fact, they don’t like him. However, his method of predicting earthquakes is better than any I’ve ever seen (puts USGS to shame). He keeps track of his predictions and reports on whether they came true in the time frame (usually 3 – 7 days) and within the projected magnitude (I think it’s +- 1) and near the area projected (within 200 miles). He discusses the New Madrid earthquake and movement along the
Pacific Northwest. He notes that given the movement around the region, we could have a noticeable earthquake off the coast of the Pacific northwest. We’ve been having quakes in the 4’s and 5’s there lately (past few weeks) –
he suspects the USGS is avoiding/not reporting them because there may be an undersea volcano active there. So this new quake prediction may be related to that along with the plate movement he discusses. He didn’t propose a magnitude but noted that it would probably be greater than those that have been occurring there. He routinely advises that we be aware and prepared regardless of whatever predictions are made anywhere. Note that his videos often have a span of “dead air” at the start which leaves me wondering what’s going on. His discussion of the New Madrid quake (I think it was around a magnitude 4) and various areas around the US including Pac Northwest starts at 11:25 and ends at 37:41. His comment re Pac Northwest quake is around 36:57.

1 posted on 10/16/2017, 2:25:57 AM by ransomnote

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