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This is a picture that was taken about 4:00 PM on August 3, 1950 showing the troops of D Company, 2d Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Provisional Marine Brigade. The figure in front just happens to be me.

Ever since the affair of Floyd Gibbons at Belleau Wood during WW I the US Army has had a hard on for its fellow belligerent, the U. S. Marine Corps. Seems that word had reached the censors in Paris that newspaper Correspondent Floyd Gibbons had been critically wounded and would probably die. Censors had been told by their bosses that, while they could talk about battle actions, there would be no identification as to who those troops were. Floyd’s dispatches violated this rule. Given the circumstances of Floyd’s impending death, the censors had decided to let his “last” dispatches through uncensored. Those dispatches praised the fighting ability of Marines. This was in direct violation of the orders the censors were given by General Pershing.

In this instance, General Pershing was livid with rage and not in the least amused. He accused the Marine Corps as being the agency that intentionally violated his orders. Carried to the extreme, it has been written that this incident caused the Marine Corps to be restricted to the Pacific Area of Operations during WW II instead of being admitted to the plushier scenes of Europe. At one point the Marine Corps was accused of having a strange makeup for a Rifle Squad. Like six correspondents, six photographers, and one Rifleman.

The picture was taken from Time Magazine’s edition of the 21st of August, 1950. Here is a picture of the cover……………



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