FACT CHECK: Did Clintons Allow 20% of American Uranium to Go to Russia? Lombardi Letter ^ | 10/20/17 | Alessandro Bruno

FACT CHECK: Did Clintons Allow 20% of American Uranium to Go to Russia?
Lombardi Letter ^ | 10/20/17 | Alessandro Bruno

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Did Clinton Transfer Uranium to Russia?

Claim: Did Clintons Allow 20% of American Uranium to Go to Russia?
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In 2010, the Obama administration approved a deal that allowed Russia to control a large chunk of U.S. uranium resources. That would normally not have been a problem. But the FBI said it has evidence that the Russians secured their uranium deal using bribery and money laundering, among other unpleasant practices.

Many of the allegations concern Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State, her husband and former president Bill Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation. A Clinton uranium deal fact check is needed in order to clarify this strange deal. The Russians had a chance to greatly expand Russia’s presence in American nuclear energy affairs. But it seems the Clintons also had much to gain.

Documents suggest that the Russians paid bribes and/or kickbacks that ended up in the coffers of the charitable Clinton Foundation. This would be less of a concern had the alleged funds not been transferred while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a panel that could have swayed the deal in Moscow’s favor. (Source: “FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow,” The Hill, October 17, 2017.)

One of the sources that first alleged that “Clinton sells uranium to Russia” was WikiLeaks. Indeed, WikiLeaks is full of articles that relate to important foreign officials donating substantial sums of money to the Clinton Foundation. Presumably, this was done in return for easier and more fruitful access to U.S. officials.

Hillary Clinton Sells Uranium Mines

The Justice Department of the United States, claims WikiLeaks, investigated the allegations that Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the sale of U.S. uranium resources to a Russian company. The emails reveal the usual and close interaction between the campaign team members and the Clinton Foundation on the occasion of this “deal,” which was done in record time, all in connection with the State Department through Mrs. Clinton. (Source: “New Clinton Foundation scandal: Now Russians revealed to have routed millions of dollars to it while Hillary was Secretary of State to boost Moscow’s nuclear ambitions,” Mail Online, October 17, 2017.)

The speed with which the U.S. State Department approved the sale of American uranium mines to the Russians (specifically ARMZ Uranium Holding Co., a subsidiary of the Russian government-controlled Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation) is the element that aroused the Senate Judiciary Committee’s suspicions. After all, the deal implied that Russia would own some 20% of the United States’ uranium reserves. (Source: “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal,” The New York Times, April 23, 2015.)

The investigation revealed many details about the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and many investors. It allegedly showed collusion in the commercial transaction that led to the Rosatom subsidiary’s purchase of Uranium One Inc (TSE:UUU). This raised obvious national security issues since it meant giving up, in fact, 20% of the U.S.’s uranium production capacity to the Russian government.

Uranium One is the key to understanding the nature of the Clinton Russia ties. Uranium One was a Canadian mining company, trading on the Toronto and Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the symbol UUU. The company’s mining properties were in Canada, the United States, Australia, South Africa, and Kazakhstan. In December 2009, the aforementioned ARMZ bought 20% of Uranium One’s capital. In exchange, Uranium One acquired a 50% stake in the Karatau uranium mine in Kazakhstan.

Then in 2010, ARMZ bought 51.4% of Uranium One for $610.0 million. In return, ARMZ sold Uranium One its 50% stake in the Akbastau mine and the 49.67% share in the Zarechnoye mine in southern Kazakhstan. In January 2013, ARMZ acquired all of Uranium One’s shares for about $1.3 billion. (Source: “Russia’s ARMZ to acquire control of Uranium One,” Reuters, June 8, 2010.)

At the same time, the president of Uranium One used his own family foundation to make four separate donations totaling $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. The latter, in turn, failed to disclose these donations. (Source: The New York Times, op cit.)

Therefore, there is no doubt the risk that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State (and by association, the Obama administration) allegedly facilitated, if not entirely encouraged, the sale of strategic U.S. resources in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. While the Russians gradually took control of Uranium One through the three successive transactions between 2009 and 2013, cash flowed to the Clinton Foundation.

These contributions were not made public despite an agreement that Clinton had made with the White House. Meanwhile, while ATMZ was busy buying a majority stake in Uranium One, former President Bill Clinton was giving a speech in Moscow for which he received $500,000 from Renaissance Capital. This happens to be a Russian investment bank very close to the Kremlin. More interesting is that the revelations came to the fore just as Moscow and Washington were renewing tensions over Ukraine. (Source: “Most Damaging Wikileaks,” Most Damaging Wikileaks, last accessed October 18, 2017.)

Meanwhile, despite irrefutable evidence of a Clinton Russia uranium deal, it’s President Donald Trump who is being investigated for alleged collusion with Russian interests.

Obama Administration Approved Uranium Deal with Russia

The Hillary Clinton supporters fueled allegations that the Russians hacked the election in Trump’s favor (that’s the essence of Russiagate) and it has been dragging on for almost a year now. The very same The New York Times that was happy to reveal how Hillary Clinton allegedly sold access to U.S. interests such as uranium and “access” to U.S. foreign policy via the Clinton Foundation has been the narrative driving the Trump-Russia collusion story. Perhaps the supporters hoped to use such evidence to find irrefutable proof to impeach Trump.

The FBI has yet to find anything that could have any legal relevance. The fact is that there is no real crime to be investigated. Yet the president, and some of his staff, continue to be investigated. So far, the so-calledRussiagate investigation has shown that the old maxim, “when there is smoke there is fire,” does not always apply.

If people really wanted to uncover a juicy story of shady relationships between American politics and the Russian government, they might want to turn to a matter of strategic importance such as uranium, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and half-a-million-dollar speeches by a former U.S. president in Moscow. That’s the real Russiagate. Indeed, the facts show that the Obama administration approved the uranium deal with Russia. There’s no denying this, because it was acting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who approved the transaction that transferred 20% of U.S. uranium resources to Russian ownership.

Evidence has shown that there are financial interlinkages of the family of the former president and former secretary of state with the Kremlin’s uranium expansionist interests. Uranium, used for electric power generation and military purpose, is clearly a strategic asset with implications for national security. Clinton’s deal had to have been approved by representatives of various U.S. government agencies, including her own Department of State.

Moreover, the Obama administration approved the uranium deal with Russia, allegedly knowing that Russia bribed its way to the American nuclear energy industry. The FBI uncovered the Russian bribery plot, using a mole within the Russian nuclear industry to assemble evidence from all manners of sources, including emails and recordings. They showed that Russia had gained access to Transport Logistics International, a trucking company, paying some $2.0 million in bribes in return for no-bid contracts. This violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. (Source: The Hill, op cit.)

More than that, the reported complicity between the Kremlin, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration suggests the following shocker: Rather than backing Trump, Vladimir Putin backed Hillary. The donations to the Clinton Foundation could have found their way to finance Hillary’s race to the White House.

Conclusion: The Real Russiagate

The Kremlin allegedly financed the Clinton candidature by increasing its control over the world’s uranium supply, as The New York Times investigation first revealed in 2015. The sale of Uranium One handed over to Moscow the control of mines in Kazakhstan and one fifth of the uranium production in the United States. The transaction clearly affected American strategic interests. Thus, representatives of major government security agencies had to approve it. One of those key representatives at the time of the agreement was Hillary Clinton. She had the very important role of Secretary of State. Thus, it could be suggested that the Obama Administration did approve the uranium deal with Russia.

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