The Day Our Country Was Stolen……………!

The Day Our Country Was Stolen

L. C. Lyon

How the 14th AmendmentEnslaved Us All Without a Shot Fired

Most Americans would agree that we, as a people, are treated
by our public servants — the judges, politicians, law
enforcement and bureaucrats who are paid their salaries by our
taxes — as if we were in complete bondage to them. When we joke
about being slaves to the Government, we don’t realize that we
are exactly correct, joke or not. In fact, all those 99% of
Americans who call themselves “U.S. citizens” are actually
subjects of the corporate United States Government — not the
sovereign states of the Union. The moment you uttered your first
cry on American soil, you became the chattel property of the
corporation known as the United States of America which, because
of the federal debt, handed title (Birth Certificate) to your
body and soul to the Federal Reserve Bank, to be held in the
archives of the Department of Health and Human Services.
As incredible as this sounds, it is sadly true. The next
question is: How did I automatically become subject to a
government, when I’m supposedly a free American? How did this
all come about….
, that I should be made to register myself, my
family, and all that I own; be made to obey oppressive laws;
and forfeit almost half of my earnings upon threat of jail? Only
those who are “subject” to a government can be made to do these
things. Free American Inhabitants are subject to no one but God,
and all the laws and responsibilities which that Divine
allegiance entails.
Which “United States” Do You Live In?
The answer to the above questions goes back to the American
Civil War. The war that was supposedly fought to free the slaves
from bondage actually did just the opposite — for all Americans
then and in the future. By enacting the 14th Amendment (which
technically is an Article, not a true amendment, but that’s a……………..



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