!!!!! ~ GUESS WHO’S NEXT??? ;) ~ First They Came for Bump Fire Stocks. Then They Came for “Military-Grade Night Vision Gear.” Then… The Truth About Guns ^ | 11/05/17 | Robert Farago

First They Came for Bump Fire Stocks. Then They Came for “Military-Grade Night Vision Gear.” Then…
The Truth About Guns ^ | 11/05/17 | Robert Farago

Posted on 11/5/2017, 2:10:46 PM by Simon Green

When a reporter asked California Senator (and former concealed carry licensee) Nancy Pelosi if her bump fire stock ban bill was a slippery slope to great gun control, she replied “I certainly hope so.” As the feds continue to wrangle over bump fire stocks, the Huffington Post is eagerly waiting for some new gun control slope sliding. Like this . . .

While the Las Vegas massacre rekindled the debate over the millions of assault-style rifles owned by American civilians, there’s been much less public scrutiny of all the gear designed for military operations that is now marketed directly to civilians . . .

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives does not regulate the sale or use of night vision equipment, a spokesperson said, and the legality of using night vision devices for hunting varies by state.

Ladd Everitt, the director of One Pulse for America, a gun violence prevention group, says that should change. Military-style gear like night vision equipment could be used in mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas, he said. (The Vegas shooter himself did not use night vision gear.)

Night vision equipment is “not the tool of sportsmen,” Everitt said. “It’s the tool of people who are seeking to kill as many people as possible in as short amount of time as possible.”

Like . . . a pressure cooker bomb? Speaking of which, lots of stuff could be used to kill as many people as possible: Home Depot trucks, fertilizer, gasoline, dump trucks. etc. Should they all be banned?

The HuffPost’s assault on the sale of U.S.-legal night vision equipment focuses on the possibility that bad actors acting badly (on behalf of ISIS and other U.S. enemies) can buy the stuff and ship it abroad. But the quote from Mr Everitt highlights the antis’ real goal: civilian disarmament.

The problem here: bump fire stocks and “military grade night vision gear” aren’t firearms per se. So it’s easy to claim they’re not covered by the Second Amendment’s protection against government infringement. Just as it’s easiest to degrade and destroy the right to keep and bear arms by chipping away than a full frontal assault. In case you hadn’t already figured that out.

[Note: another appearance of “gun violence prevention.” And this is the first we’ve heard of the George Takei-founded One Pulse for America. Its Director is gun control extremist Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.]

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