Sexual Harassment Accusations Are a Tool Used By Globalists Elites To Destroy Their Opponents

Sexual Harassment Accusations Are a Tool Used By Globalists Elites To Destroy Their Opponents

Posted on 11/14/2017, 10:08:25 AM by pinochet

Over the past 8 decades, numerous accusations of sexual misconduct have been made against powerful Americans in tabloid publications that have a small circulation. Most of those accusations have been ignored by mainstream media organizations. The people accused of sexual misconduct include Presidents, Senators, Governors, Congressmen, Mayors, Corporate CEOs, Billionaires, Heads of Hollywood Studios, major actors, etc. Whenever sexual harassment allegations are made in the mainstream media, the target is a person who is opposed to globalism or has worked against the interests of the globalists.

The Globalist media covered up for JFK and LBJ when they were alive, and were willing to admit that they were womanizers after their deaths. But the mainstream media ignores the more serious allegations against JFK and LBJ, in that some of those encounters involved rape, and that they left illegitimate children behind. The Mainstream Media still refuses to report on the mulatto child that Bill Clinton had with a black woman. The MSM has never accepted Juanita Broaderick’s credible testimony that Bill Clinton raped her. The MSM also protected the RINO, Bob Packwood for years. They protected Ted Kennedy when he killed a woman, and covered up many other serious sex crimes and other crimes he was involved in. Then there is Dennis Hastert, the former RINO speaker who was protected when he was still in office doing the bidding of the globalists. They finally decided to reveal details against Hastert when he outlived his usefulness.

What about the credible testimony of Larry Sinclair about his affair with Barry Soetoro? The Mainsteam media does not care about women or about victims of sexual abuse. The seek to use the sexual harassment accusations as a tool to make false allegations about those who are challenging the system of the diabolical globalists. Steve Bannon threatened to support insurgent candidates to remove the majority of Senators from office. The powerful globalists will not permit that to happen, and they are fighting back with everything that they have got.

Judge Roy Moore is not just being targeted as an individual. The globalists want to sent a clear message to future insurgent Christian candidates who threaten the pro-globalist Senators – we will make up lies about you and destroy you.

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