Are the U.S. Marines Dying? By Michael Peck…………………………………………………..!

Are the U.S. Marines Dying?

By Michael Peck



The Corps has one super special skill—and it’s fading.

Are the U.S. Marines Dying?

The U.S. Marine Corps is arguably the best amphibious-warfare force in the world. But a new Government Accountability Office report suggests that lack of training may be eroding the marines’ amphibious capabilities.

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The problem isn’t with the marine amphibious units deployed at sea, which would be at the forefront of the fighting should war erupt in Korea or the South China Sea. The issue is that relentless overseas commitments have strained marine resources so badly that it can’t conduct the other training that it needs to maintain its combat edge.

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The prime reason was lack of enough amphibious ships to sustain overseas deployments and conduct home-station training. All twenty-three marine units interviewed by GAO researchers listed lack of ships as their biggest training problem. The U.S. Navy’s fleet of amphibious ships has plummeted from sixty-two in 1990 to thirty-one today, though there are plans to add four new vessels by 2024.


The U.S. Marine Corps is turning to virtual training, which would allow units to simulate—at least to some agree—amphibious training even when ships aren’t available. However, GAO faulted the virtual effort for lack of consideration of what tasks marines would train in, available time for training, and how to measure whether virtual training works………..MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Image: Lance Cpl. Eric Janasiak, holds security on a staircase during urban training in Egypt. Flickr/Public domain/U.S. Marines Corps…..


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