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Donald Trump Said A Naughty Word!

One of the continuing complaints about President Donald Trump, complaints registered not only by his progressive, self-imagined elite enemies, but by “never-Trumpers,” is Mr. Trump is crude. This crudity manifests in every imaginable way: speech, manners, thoughts (imagined by his enemies and ascribed to him) manner of dress, everything. So infectious is Mr. Trump’s boorishness, it transfers to all near him, as evidenced by Mrs. Trump’s fashion sense. Remember when she dared to wear high heels as she boarded a plane to travel to a hurricane zone? No self-respecting elite would ever do anything like that. So crude is Mr. Trump, that alone is, in the fevered imaginations of Trump haters, sufficient cause for impeachment.

What’s actually going on is a manifestation of the deranged hatred of the elite for the American people, the “normal,” the benighted residents of flyover country, the God and gun clingers. That the elite express their hatred in the crudest, most obscene and maliciously violent terms, that they routinely wish mutilation, torture and death on those they hate–and their spouses and children–that they unlawfully and ruthlessly use the federal government against those they hate, doesn’t matter. The rules they wish to impose on normal don’t apply to them. Their crudity is necessary, justified. They must have leave to think and do as they will that lesser beings may receive the inestimable benefits of their munificence.

They also hate Mr. Trump because he is not “nuanced” as Barack Obama and his acolytes were. He dares to put America first, to praise America. This is particularly objectionable when he does it in foreign countries, and when he crudely tries to uphold the rule of law and the sovereignty of America, which is very non-globalist and therefore, not at all elite. And then he did it again, as Fox News reports:

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