Clintons: Rob From The Poor, Give To–The Clintons

Clintons: Rob From The Poor, Give To–The Clintons

There is some buzz that the Clinton Foundation might be under investigation by the FBI and DOJ. You know, the same FBI and DOJ that did everything they could to elect Hillary Clinton and deny Donald Trump the presidency? The same FBI and DOJ that are still doing everything they can to damage President Trump and uphold the highest progressive principles? That FBI and DOJ?

So why isn’t Mr. Trump unleashing the hounds of hell against these people, against all of the destructive, anti-American legions of the deep state? Actually, we don’t know he’s not. Battles, particularly against enemies so long and deeply entrenched, take time, and it’s often much smarter and more effective to fight them, at least in the early stages, covertly rather than overtly. There are always setbacks and distractions on the way to ultimate victory. Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy suggests if Mr. Trump is not doing this, it may be because he is being blackmailed by the Russians, etc.

Repeatedly in his testimony, Simpson said he and Steele were most alarmed that the Putin regime had blackmail material on Trump — information so egregious that it could enable the Kremlin to control the president of the United States. That, they insisted, is why it had to be investigated.


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