Leftist Liberals Infected With Dangerous Mind-Altering Disease – Trumpaphobia

Leftist Liberals Infected With Dangerous Mind-Altering Disease – Trumpaphobia

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A fear of Donald Trump… (source) The meeting between then Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the airport tarmac with Bill Clinton – but that was only about golf and grandkids. James Comey’s exoneration letter for Hillary Clinton in the private email server scandal was written 2 months before Hillary was even interviewed by the FBI. The Uranium One scandal: the FBI had evidence of wrongdoing back in 2009 and an inside informant as well, yet covered it up as it involved Hillary Clinton.

The head of the FBI when Uranium One was being investigated? Robert Mueller, the same is the chief “investigator” of Trump. Hillary says investigating her would be “an abuse of power”. But investigating President Trump is warranted even when there was no crime to investigate, and said investigation and the FISA warrant were likely obtained using the fictitious Trump dossier. Peter Strzok texts with mistress Lisa Page. Strzok was a chief investigator on the Clinton email scandal, and was credited with changing the language used in James Comey’s statement on not charging Hillary with a crime. Changing the text amounted to removing the possibility of Clinton being charged with a felony – Hillary was merely “careless” instead of grossly negligent – a felony. Strzok’s texts with Lisa Page spoke of an “insurance policy” against Trump. Peter Strzok was also an investigator for Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt against Trump. Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Hillary Clinton all lied to the FBI. Who cleared these folks? Peter Strzok. Evidence was destroyed and Clinton was given preferential treatment by the FBI. Each of these people – have effectively gotten away with criminal wrongdoing.

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