Trump speaks the truth (Saturbray) ^ | 1/13/18 | bray

Trump speaks the truth (Saturbray) ^ | 1/13/18 | bray

Posted on 1/13/2018, 3:13:14 PM by bray

Then the LORD will scatter you among all nations, from one end of the earth to the other. There you will worship other gods—gods of wood and stone, which neither you nor your ancestors have known.

Perhaps President Trump learned something about giving out Olive Branches to the DNC; they are going to shove them in your ear. Now the big outrage is he made some salty language about some Turd World countries who are invading our Country.

This is another example of what the DNC is rather than some libs being offended for a man talking like a man. For them the big issue is hate speech rather than helping to solve the problem of illegal immigration and what are we going to do with the millions of them in our country causing problems. As always they are symbolism over substance.

Now the President knows what it is like to try to work with Dems. If he said those words, so what, it is the way real men talk when they are sitting around a bar discussing the Turd World. He speaks in shorthand and does not go for any of the PC libspeak, where you are adding half the alphabet to a certain victim group, to make sure you don’t offend anyone. Life is tough and people are going to be offended.

The left sure had no problem offending hard working Americans who had a problem with socialized medicine under the Barak regime, but let’s not offend some two bit dictator who hates America. Does anyone remember the disgusting term of Teabaggers to describe millions and millions of patriotic Americans? How about the chants of, “What do we want? Dead Cops? When do we want them? Now!” How about Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon? Then of course if you are a patriot you are labeled a racist, Nationalist, Alt-Right and every other name in the book.

The question for Dick Durtbag is, why are you always defending those who hate America and always hating those who love her? The real question for him is what do you like about America as much as you love all of those who hate it? The DNC is absolutely concerned about the illegals in this Country as well as bringing in more illegals no matter how violent while they could not care less about those who are getting bonuses in their paychecks and lowered taxes.

This entire fake outrage is only being used to cover-up the real question he axed which was, why do we have all of these uneducated people draining our social programs and why are you wanting to bring millions more in? Until we have a good answer for this then there is no point in legalizing any of them. What we need to do is build a secure wall and shore up the border and then deal with those who are here. He threw out an olive branch to the DNC and as always they beat him like a red headed stepchild with it.

After the bill blows up he can say he tried to work with them and agreed to sign whatever they came up with but they could not so he will work on it in pieces. The first piece will be the wall and offer them a DACA extension for a year to work out some permanent agreement. This will put DACA on the ballot and let America say whether they care more about Mexican illegals than Americans? It only makes sense the American people decide this rather than a few legislators with an agenda.

The good news is for a while we were wondering if the DNC stood for anything. They really had no agenda during the Clinton campaign other than stopping Trump and making America less productive by elevating more victim groups.

They are not for letting Americans keep more of their hard earned money. They are not for fixing Obamacareless. They have absolutely no solutions to our economy, but now we know they are for making Mexicans into Americans and bringing more people in. They are against a border and saying anyone in the American continent is an American no matter what. That is what the DNC has been reduced to. They have absolutely no other agenda for America.

This is what happens when your Party is a cult. There is no economic or political agenda, only worshiping the eart and making everyone feel good as they march to Marxism. There are no real discussions about any of the country’s issues since it would lead to real introspection which could offend one or more of their victim groups who would feign outrage shutting down those discussions.

Everything in the DNC has to be viewed through the prism of worshiping the planet. From evolution which is the making of science into a god to abortion which makes man the god of life to Global Warming which has less evidence than evolution, they are a works based cult which worships Mother Earth. Women and feminine men are especially susceptible to this religion since they look at these issues emotionally rather than logically and tend to believe absurd explanations such as the dated evolution, choice or Earth Warming.

The heart of the fraud is evolution which was Darwin’s observations in an agrarian society looking at horses resembling cows and man resembling apes and developed the tree of evolution with absolutely no proof. He went to the Galapagos Islands and saw some animals having adaptations over thousands of years and decided this occurred over millions of years for every species. The problem is there are no fossils to back him up. They have yet to find one transitory species fossil after nearly 200 years of digging and with more advanced true science the DNA trail is not there.

If there was actual science the scientists would be saying we cannot prove any of this theory and it needs more research to be taught as fact. The reason they do not is because their entire religion is built on it since it basically claims Mother Eart made man and is the all-powerful deity. You throw abortion into the dogma saying only man can decide who lives and dies and you make man the next most powerful being and the only god more powerful than man other is a group of men such as a gummit or University. This is their cult and they worship it fundamentally as you could see from the devastation of the loss of Hillary, the first High Priestess to be canonized only to be was shot from a circus canon.

The beauty of this cult is no matter how immoral a life you lead if you care about the earth or Global Warming, you are a really good person. Weinstein went for decades destroying people’s lives, but because he gave to abortion factories and spouted women’s rights, he was a really good person. You can live your life any way you want as we see with Bill Clinton or any of their Priests, but if you can repeat the doxology of liberalism and truly care about LGBTEVPODSIDHFISDPFNDPFPX you are a really, really good person, as opposed to those racist, sexist homophobic Repubs.

Now the church of dirt worship is preaching DACA and those poor oppressed kids who came to America by their parents. The doxology has no basis in fact which is they are uneducated, do not want to assimilate or become citizens through the courts or are filling up the jails and prisons while emptying our socialist programs. No, just like evolution; you have to take it on fact they are little victims of evil American oppression and we have to take them in to offset our guilt. If you bow to their message then you are a really good person, if you do not you are a racist, sexist, homophobe.

This is why when President Trump called the Turd World countries out the church of liberalism had a major earthquake. This was the worst offense anyone in their religion could imagine. You have to say and think correct thoughts and not offend anyone which is unpardonable sins.

This exposes them for what they are worshipers of the earth and their church is a fundamental religion similar to Islam where you must walk lockstep or face heresy. Heretics or infidels will face stoning by the media for those sins of speaking the truth. It started with evolution and has devolved into America’s destruction of free thought and speech then in one election President Donald J Trump is exposing their entire cult.

Pray America woke

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