Police State..by Gerry Spence Macmillan ^ | January 19,2017 | Hojczyk Posted on 1/19/2018, 9:39:53 PM by Hojczyk Police State narrates the shocking account of the Madrid train bombings: how the FBI accused an innocent man of treasonous acts they knew he hadn’t committed. A review


It’s not what it appears to be at first glance. This book is not so much a compendium of patrolman misconduct, but rather a collection of narrated real-life courtroom dramas won by the author, Gerry Spence, who (literally) has always won his criminal trials both as prosecutor and defense attorney because he’s a bu-hadaaaaasss. Seriously, he’s like a movie lawyer. He successfully defended Randy Weaver (Ruby Ridge) by pointing the finger at the FBI,

I’m only on the second chapter…

This book will make you really think about the FBI and DOJ

Fisca warrants are not just taping phone calls..but breaking into you house and planting bugs and searching with out a warrant…

This thing with Trump could destroy the FBI..

A lot of the FBI arrests are entrapment

A must read for those of us who think the FBI and DOJ are for justice..

Were not far from a police state..

(Excerpt) Read more at us.macmillan.com

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