(Rush L.) ~Social Media Roasts Obama Painting

RUSH: Brian, throw this on the switcher. Social media is having the greatest time with the portraits of Barack Hussein O and Michelle (My Belle) O. And I just want to show you one example. The Obama portrait interestingly is getting more heat than the Michelle portrait because of the “what is it” factor.

What are these two trying to do? It’s obvious these two portraits are not gonna look like any other portrait anywhere, and that’s probably one of the objectives. But I think there are other components here.

What we’ve just flashed up on the Dittocam is one sample of many satires and parodies of the portrait that are out there on social media. And this one over two-thirds of the Obama portrait is obscured by the American flag, which is encroaching on it from the left, and it is in the process of eliminating Obama from his own portrait.

Standing in front of the flag is Donald Trump as an exterminator. And he is spraying pesticides on the Obama portrait. And this is done to create the impression that America is getting rid of pests and that Trump is the guy doing it. And it works because Obama’s sitting there on this chair.

And, by the way, everybody now says he looks like he’s sitting on the toilet. I didn’t want to say that yesterday. I have a modicum of respect for the orifice. I didn’t want to say that, but it’s all over every place now that Obama looks. Why would he do it? He’s also got six fingers on his left hand, and I pointed out how gigantic these hands are. Look how long those fingers are, and you know why that is. (interruption) Well, you… (interruption) Of course, you know why that is. That is… (interruption) That is a direct… (interruption)

That is the artiste responding to the rumors that Trump has tiny hands, and when you have tiny hands, it means that you have a tiny member. (For those of you in Rio Linda, ask your parents.) So what they’re trying to do here is say that Obama’s got one hell of a package and Trump doesn’t. That’s what the size of those hands is supposed to mean by that artist. He’s sitting there, as some people say, and that portrait is Obama telling the world that he smoked weed while at the Ivy League. The artist says, “No, no, no, no, no.

“That’s simply President Obama surrounded by native growth from places he has lived and where he was born. Hawaii, Chicago (the ivy on Wrigley Field), and then, of course, Kenya.” There’s some stuff there. But if you look at right hand as you’re looking at the picture, Obama’s right leg (as he’s sitting there, it’s his left leg) if you look at the leaves, the ivy, whatever it is — covering up his ankle and shoe, it… it… Uh, I don’t know. It doesn’t work. And then we found out that this artist has an identity. Did you know this? This artist… (interruption)

I’m not making this up. This artist’s identity — what he’s known for — is painting pictures/portraits of African-American women holding beheaded scalps of white women. That’s what he is, quote, unquote, known for. We had a caller yesterday that had mentioned this. I said, “Well, fascinating here.” But that’s who was chosen, and it’s… (interruption) Yeah. There’s the real portrait. Put the real portrait up there. We put the real portrait in the switcher, for those of you watching the Dittocam. There’s the real portrait. He’s got a…

On his left hand, by the way, he’s got a fifth finger. He’s got an extra ring finger and his little finger, you can’t quite see it. But there’s an extra finger on that left hand as you’re… (interruption) He’s big, really big — so big you need an extra finger in there on the hand. No tie. He’s sitting in ways that women now complain as… What is it, man…? (interruption) “Manspreading.” Right. I get that confused with “mansplaining,” manspreading. Now, throw up the pesticide satire version, and that’s just one of many………….





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