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Mitt Romney’s Father May Have Been ‘Brainwashed’ But I’m Not Drinking The Kool Aid Now
Nextrush Free ^ | 2/20/2018 | Nextrush/Self

Posted on 2/20/2018, 4:56:05 PM by Nextrush

“Well you know when I came back from Vietnam I just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get….”

Governor George Romney-“Lou Gordon Show”-September 1967

“@Mitt Romney has announced he is running for Senate from the wonderful state of Utah. He will make a great successor and worthy successor to @Orrin Hatch and has my full support and endorsement”

President Donald J. Trump endorsement of Mitt Romney on Twitter-2/19/2018

“…..There may want to be a lot of people out there that want, want to drink the Trump Kool Aid and to be honest with you I want to drink it, but I don’t drink Kool Aid unless the facts show that it’s worth drinking and right now the jury’s out literally…”

Ammon Bundy on the lack of any positive action or sign from the Trump Administration regarding the Bunkerville and Oregon Standoff cases, a pardon for the Hammonds in Oregon-1/4/2018

What more can one say. President Donald J. Trump has endorsed the quintessential anti-Conservative, anti-Constitutionalist, Establishment Republican for US Senate.

The Romney family have always been against Conservatives-Libertarians in the GOP like Barry Goldwater, who was plotted against by Mitt’s father George Romney in 1964. George Romney was the Republican front runner for President in 1968 after the 1966 midterm elections, being supported by leading liberal Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller and advised by Rockefeller’s foreign policy advisor Dr. Henry Kissinger (now advising President Trump).

But Romney fell from his perch in the aftermath of the ‘brainwashing’ comment made in 1967.

When Franklin Roosevelt was President in the 1930’s he routinely got involved in US Senate primary elections to promote “New Deal” Democrats over those who stood in the way of his agenda, including incumbents.

Its been “Strange” to watch the game play out in Alabama last year with the Trump endorsement of the lobbyist insider Luther Strange in the primary runoff, with the promise by President to campaign with Roy Moore who won, then the backing away to endorse Moore from a rally without him in nearby Pensacola, Florida.

For those of us who stood by Donald J. Trump when the sex related smear over his Billy Bush interview comment about “grab em by the p****” was all over the media while the Romney’s and Ryan’s and McConnell’s were all running for tall grass to see his backing off in Alabama for Roy Moore was really disappointing.

It will be interesting to see as we move on toward the US Senate primary this summer in Arizona where President Trump ends up after tweeting positively about Kelli Ward last year. Now we see a three way race between RINO Martha McSally, Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio (pardoned by President Trump last year). The three way split of the vote seems designed to help McSally (the new Jeff Flake-John McCain) win the race.

Ammon Bundy offered him perspective early this year about the Trump Administation and the Oregon Standoff and Bunkerville Standoff cases he was involved in, not seeing anything positive about the situations coming from Washington.

Since then thanks to a Democrat judge and Harry Reid protege charges against Bundy and other defendants over the Nevada case were dismissed.

The new US Attorney named by the Trump Administration Dayle Elieson said: “We respect the court’s ruling and will make a determination about the next appropriate steps.” One of those “appropriate steps” has turned out to be asking the judge to reverse her dismissal of the charges “with prejudice” so the defendants can be prosecuted and put on trial again. This is seen as a prelude to an appeal of her ruling to a higher court.

Three men remain imprisoned over the Bunkerville case. Greg Burleson (68 year sentence), Todd Engel (found guilty, appealing for new trial) and last but not least Jerry DeLemus (87 month sentence after guilty plea). DeLemus appeared with President Donald J. Trump in early 2016 as co-chair of the New Hamsphire Veterans Coalition for Trump. That happened to all three men with exculpatory evidence hidden by the prosecution. Why are they not free men, Mr. President?

We honor and respect President Trump. We voted for him. But we aren’t going to follow in the footsteps of those promised “heaven on earth” by Rev. Jim Jones and given “hell” instead in the jungle of Guyana. A “hell” that culminated in the passing of the poisoned Kool Aid.

The matters of the economy remain vital. Reduced corporate taxes to 21 percent should help but places like China and Canada still have 15 percent rates. Investment overseas remains lucrative with large gains for investors right now.

Austerity type conditions are obvious with a shifting of taxes at the end of last year, not a cut for business and all individuals at the same time. Even in a flat tax state like mine (Pennsylvania) once income reaches 125-thousand and the house value goes over 200-thousand the new 10-thousand dollar reduction cap is reached.

Investment in infrastructure (as I noted in a post weeks ago) is leading to higher gasoline taxes later this year of 15-25 cents a gallon.

Little people are hurt by that for sure.


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1 posted on 2/20/2018, 4:56:06 PM by Nextrush

To: Nextrush
(POST EDITED AND EXPANDED TUESDAY)Thanks for paying such close attention to your blog.

2 posted on 2/20/2018, 5:00:55 PM by humblegunner

To: Nextrush

It’s time to start imagining what winning looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Try rewriting this with that in mind.

3 posted on 2/20/2018, 5:03:04 PM by SubMareener (Save us from Quarterly Freepathons! Become a MONTHLY DONOR)

To: SubMareener

I voted for Donald J. Trump for changes. I’ve seen some but many more things need to change. This post gets to some of that.

4 posted on 2/20/2018, 5:04:16 PM by Spiridon

To: Nextrush
Why are they not free men, Mr. President?So your blog is mad at Trump now?

Wow, that’ll give him a black eye for sure.

5 posted on 2/20/2018, 5:05:29 PM by humblegunner

To: SubMareener

If winning is strictly a D versus R proposition, which I think it isn’t, there should have been more effort for Roy Moore who was the R candidate at the end of the day in last fall’s special election.

There wasn’t in the face of the kind of smears Donald Trump himself fought back vigorously against in 2016. Having been smeared himself, it would have been good to have appeared with Moore to push him over the top.

6 posted on 2/20/2018, 5:10:52 PM by Nextrush (Freedom is everybody’s business: Remember Pastor Niemoller)

To: humblegunner

No one’s mad at Trump. Would just like to see good things happen.

7 posted on 2/20/2018, 5:11:40 PM by Nextrush (Freedom is everybody’s business: Remember Pastor Niemoller)

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