Our ONE USA Problem!

We Really Need To Get On w/Our Lives–BAD!!!!!!!!!!


But folks just cannot seem to Grok it!


0bama is the basis of all our lingering, clinging ills!

Unfinished Business! 0Bama!

We gotta get offa da pot! That Simple–unfinished biz!

Same problem is the basis of all others!

Face it!

Take care of unfinished biz now! Then..flush 0bama and carry on w/o further ado-doo!WHATEVER It Takes! ~ Like the Doc says, This Is Gonna Hurt A Little! ;)… Gotta Be Done!………………..





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GnySgt USMC (Ret.) 1952--'72 PC: History, Poly-Tiks, Military, Stories, Controversial, Unusual, Humorous, etc.... "Simplify...y'know!"
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