Truth Must Never Stop Coming: Mueller Out To Destroy Trump And America

News Alert for April 17, 2018

Truth Must Never Stop Coming: Mueller Out To Destroy Trump And America

From the desk of Devvy Kidd

Now More Than Ever

With the tumultuous events here in America in an all out effort to oust a legally elected president using dirty, corrupt players like Robert Mueller to international tensions, it’s critically important the American people get the truth. Not more propaganda from a tightly controlled media monopoly owned by globalists who hate America.

Tech giants like Google and Facebook not only harvest and sell your data, they are little more than an arm of the Democratic/Communist Party USA. Not to mention government snooping agencies like the NSA and more. NWVs does not mine your data or sell it to anyone.

But, how many Americans really understand the danger of getting all their information from a media cartel out to silence my voice and yours? They don’t because – where do they get their information? From the very vehicles using their might to crush any conservative or constitutional voice out there including mine. I am confident a huge number of Americans have as little comprehension about this as they do the “Federal” Reserve or the Second Amendment.

The ‘alternative’ media like NWVs is one of the leaders in providing hard hitting commentaries as well as fact-sourced columns on issues killing this country. There are so many. Between Washington, DC and states like California run by lunatics and communists from the governor’s mansion to the state capitol, our beloved republic is in tatters.

Only we the people are going to save this country with God’s help. That means sacrifice and Paul Walter and his wife make a huge sacrifice 24/7, 365 days a week keeping NWVs up and running. When I ask for donations they aren’t for Paul and his wife to pay their bills or go on vacations. It’s to pay the huge bills for multiple servers as a necessary hedge against hackers and technical failure. Not to mention the other monthly expenses in running a big site like NWVs.

I ask you to please make a donation right now before you move on to something else. Don’t just assume someone else will do it because I can tell you that this request goes out to tens of thousands of subscribers and yet each time, only a handful make a donation for which Paul is very grateful. I’m not asking you to bet the farm, but a thousand small donations like $20 really adds up.

If you appreciate the columns that come into your email box every day whether it be religious based, legal, common sense or investigative in nature, show it by making that financial sacrifice now.

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