Who’s the Fake? PJ Media (Belmont Club) ^ | 4-22-2018 | Richard Fernandez 

Who’s the Fake?
PJ Media (Belmont Club) ^ | 4-22-2018 | Richard Fernandez 

Posted on 4/22/2018, 8:56:30 AM by Sir Napsalot

The fight for the control of Washington, after a ton of preliminaries and battlespace preparation, is now underway in earnest. As Robert Mueller seeks a path toward linking Donald Trump to collusion with the Russian government, the president is trying to frame the investigation as a conspiracy hatched by the former administration’s intelligence bosses and secret policemen. It’s a clash between the irresistible force and the immovable object.

The start of this war can be dated to January 5, 2017 according to Andrew McCarthy’s research. At this meeting the outgoing president made key decisions on how to investigate his successor without letting him know. “During the meeting, Rice’s memo said, then-President Barack Obama suggested intelligence officials be cautious about sharing information about the Russia investigation with the Trump transition team, ‘particularly’ incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn. By that time, multiple senior members of the campaign had been in contact with high-ranking Russians, including Flynn, incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and senior adviser Jared Kushner.” McCarthy describes the fatal moment when, rightly or wrongly, Obama moved against Trump.

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