!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ IWB ^ | Ruby Henley  Posted on 5/14/2018, 3:57:03 PM by davikkm When I watched this video, I had to do a second take. I thought I had misunderstood this man’s words, but I was not mistaken. I am still amazed at what he said to the audience in trying to explain the sinister facets of artificial intelligence. As Elon Musk had said at an earlier time, “we are summoning the demon.” This, too, is amazing to me, as Musk helped to create A.I. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but Elon has been on the downside of luck recently. He has had accident after accident with his inventions. I am really concerned for him, as he said earlier that “humans were underrated.” He said this, as the accidents had begun to occur in his factories. He went in himself to investigate why these accidents were occurring. What happened next was amazing. He found that the flaws found in his products were coming from A.I. he had replaced his human workers with. That is when he made the statement, “humans are underrated.” He then hired his workers back…… ????????????+++++

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