Drugs Used as Political Warfare,,,,~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!

It takes unmitigated gall of the most classic kind to toss God Almighty into the Gun Rights mix, and that’s what Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo had when he appointed himself ‘Supreme God Squad One’ within hours of the Santa Fe High School massacre, which claimed 10 student lives and injuring 10 more, including John Barnes, a retired Houston police officer who was working as a high school resource officer at Santa Fe High.

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Drugs Used as Political Warfare

By James A. Lyons, Jr. Admiral, USN (ret)

Drugs Used as Political Warfare
There is no question we have a national opioid (drug) epidemic.  The genesis of this national tragedy goes back many generations and administrations.  Dr. Joseph D. Douglass, Jr. in his well-researched book, “Red Cocaine,” discusses in detail how our historical enemies, primarily Beijing and Moscow, made it official state policy to use drugs as a form of political warfare to bring about the decay and destruction of Western societies, particularly the United States.

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