City governments should be SUED for “gay pride” parades Chalet Reports ^ | 28 January 2018 | Ashton Gray (via David Reznor)  Posted on 6/13/2018, 10:35:26 AM by LevonRiver Glorification of Sexual Perversion is War Against Mankind The traditional family is the core of human existence. Heterosexual relationships and marriages came into existence as the guarantee for the future of mankind. The purpose of sex is procreation, and only heterosexual sex results in procreation. The purpose of sex is not transitory “pleasure;” sex is pleasurable so that its purpose—which is continuation of the race—will take place and mankind can go forward into the future.

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Obsessive or fixated focus on sexual “pleasures” that are not heterosexual, practiced to the exclusion of heterosexual activities, are perversions. If you’re offended by the word “perversion,” you’re welcome to stop reading, clutch your pearls, and leave through the same exit door as those who left at the second paragraph of this chapter, but it’s a perfectly correct word in the English language that effectively describes the condition, “perversion” being defined as “any of various means of obtaining sexual gratification that are generally regarded as being abnormal.”

. . . In January 2017, a Gallup poll reported that the total percentage of the U.S. population who said they were lesbian, “gay,” bisexual, or transgender was only 4.1 percent. . . . Those conditions—by statistics, simple math, and fundamental dictionary definitions—are perversions, and that’s how I’m appropriately going to refer to them.

. . . I don’t care, and neither should anybody care, if someone wants to have sex only with rutabagas. That is a “right” they certainly have, and are welcome to, as long as they do it in private and I don’t have to be lectured endlessly about “rutabagaphobia”—through media licensed by a government that is supported by taxes—or have to deal with traffic tied up by a local government using taxes because of a “Rutabaga Partner Pride” parade.

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