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Breaking On Fox – Trump Might Sign Some Sort Of Executive Order to Stop The Separation
June 20, 2020 | Pinkbell 

Posted on 6/20/2018, 10:47:08 AM by Pinkbell

(I don’t have a source link – I heard it at the top of the 10:00 AM hour)

That would be the ultimate boondoggle. If he does that, they will know they can beat him down with pressure anytime he does something they don’t like. Things will go right back to large numbers of people taking advantage of catch and release bringing children illegally across the border on dangerous journeys, abusing the asylum laws, and more child trafficking. This is exactly what the Democrats want by the way. They don’t care about the consequences open borders have on kids such as those being trafficked, unaccompanied minors, smugglers, etc. They don’t want to fix anything. They want status quo. Schumer is demanding Trump do this.

It would be an embarrassment for the White House which first of all has handled this poorly from a communications perspective. If this is your policy, you know it is going to get a reaction like this. You should have an A game communications department ready to set the narrative. Instead, Trump did not do a good job articulating it by just blaming the Democrats without explanation. The only person that explained it well was Neilson, but that was days too late when everyone from Trump to his surrogates should have been sticking to that explanation. Meanwhile, the communication’s staff continues to allow the narrative to be out there that Trump put’s kids in cages when he’s using the same facilities that Obama used. No one has even bothered to put out comparison photos. Trump should have Tweeted them.

The best way to handle this – sign the Ted Cruz bill. Support it and vote on it. This will end the catch and release loophole, will add more judges, and keep the families together. I know they want comprehensive reform, but the Cruz Bill deals with a specific problem and can end this situation. It will end the bad PR with midterms coming up, and the kids will be happy. Work on everything else after.

Trump really needs to do an address to the nation free of media spin on the immigration crisis too.

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