Re Wapnick…Celestial Speedup?…Well, there is no time, but within the dream, I remember a reference in a video featuring Bill Thetford to a “celestial speedup.” It’s not in the Course. That’s one of the Course’s myths. Helen wrote—and she never said Jesus said it—that there was a celestial speedup. And some time after that Jesus did say to Helen, don’t believe anything that comes in a temporal framework which I think meant to include the idea of a celestial speedup. He does talk about the Course saving time in terms of an individual can save a thousand years in his or her atonement path by forgiving and choosing the miracle. But there is no plan; that’s such a trap. And people have taken it out of context and then they’re the special ones who are part of the speedup. We’re so blessed to be Course students here at this time, and it’s all so special. But how can there be a celestial speedup when it’s all already over? There’s no plan. But again, Helen never said Jesus said that to her. I think she said it came to her or something. A lot of things that Helen heard in those early weeks and months are just not accurate.

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