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American Thinker ^ | Jeff Lukens 

Posted on 2/28/2019, 5:45:58 AM by RoosterRedux

The average conservative and the average liberal disagree on the vast majority of the issues, and in the few cases where they can agree, each won’t support the other out of sheer tribalism for his side. Since Democrats can’t win the argument with reason and facts, they try to intimidate us into silence. While Trump is their focus, we should know that the loathing is really against normal everyday Americans.

The Constitution plays a central role in the disagreement. On the right are those who believe in its use as a restraint on government that can be altered only by a broad consensus through the amendment process. Conservatives believe that natural rights are created by God and that government cannot invent or alter them.

On the Left are those who believe in the living Constitution. This is a notion that the document is outdated and should change easily. The main method for doing this would be judicial rulings bypassing Congress and the voters. Basically, they just make it up as they go along.

The Left’s reach is broad. Leftists have been able to take over schools and indoctrinate our young people. They have taken over nearly all the news and entertainment media. The conservative side, conversely, has lost in these areas because it never fights back with the ruthlessness of the Left.

Lawlessness is now reaching across the United States, which the news almost totally ignores. The same networks that spent two years with wall-to-wall coverage to push the Russia collusion hoax are now refusing to report the documented attempt to remove our duly elected president by means of a Deep State silent coup.

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1 posted on 2/28/2019, 5:45:58 AM by RoosterReduxPost Reply | Private Reply | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterRedux

“civil war”?

No, the Communist REVOLUTION that they have been calling for over half a century.

And the same Commies were throwing bombs, staging riots, and killing cops 50 years ago. Hello Bill Ayers, hello Black Panthers. Hello NOW.
2 posted on 2/28/2019, 5:49:32 AM by a fool in paradise (Denounce DUAC – The Democrats Un-American Activists Committee)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterReduxNot like the 19th century one. Impossible.

There are not distinct, geographically defined sections of the country that would raise standing armies and adhere (mostly) to the laws of armed conflict as there was in 1860.

What we have today is a mismatch where the “enemy” is everywhere: in every state, in every county, in every city, in every town.

Moreover, the Left will never fight an open war on a battlefield. They don’t have the guts.

Our nation will most likely be taken down financially, through submission to the global powers. Our unbelievable debt to the global banks, combined with a collapse of our fiat currency, will bring the US to our knees. Then, we will submit to the New World Order.

Sound like a conspiracy? It’s actually their battle plan, and they probably have a time-line. 
3 posted on 2/28/2019, 5:51:24 AM by SkyPilot (“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterReduxI thought this article was ham-handed and sloppy, but it really captures the national divide we are facing and the specific results of it re: CWII.

I do, however, disagree with his last paragraph when he says:

We may have differences, but America is profoundly good and needs only sensible corrections that reasonable people can agree upon.

America (i.e., the American people) are NOT profoundly good.

Half of Americans, those who believe in the Constitution, are profoundly good.

Those on the Left are profoundly evil.

It is in this divide between good and evil that CWII (and perhaps even WWIII) will be fought. 
4 posted on 2/28/2019, 5:53:22 AM by RoosterReduxPost Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterRedux

It is already here, folks. It is just a cool war not hot. Leftists are constantly on the attack to include what I will call low level physical attacks like punching, shoving, intimidating etc. It works because it makes your average person just back down. Why do you think fewer people attended President Trump’s inauguration? The threat of being attacked was real and the threat of the police doing nothing was even more real.

Have you heard of any of the rioters during the inauguration being convicted? Yeah, me either.

5 posted on 2/28/2019, 5:54:19 AM by joma89Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterRedux

We cannot coexist.

We must split the nation and go our separate ways.

Socialists will never stop trying to destroy our constitutional capitalistic nation.

It is time they go elsewhere. Let’s split the land and they can create their utopian society.

We want to live with individual liberty, not collectivism.
6 posted on 2/28/2019, 5:54:58 AM by Erik Latranyi (The Democratic Party is now a hate-mob)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterRedux

We already are.

Not shooting but war just the same.

7 posted on 2/28/2019, 5:57:32 AM by Principled (No one will conquer America, from within or without, until its citizenry are disarmed.)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: a fool in paradise; SkyPilotA communist revolution is still a “civil war” when it consists of one part of the country at war with the rest.

No one is saying that this civil war will have anything in common with the last one. But what is increasingly obvious is this: the can be no compromise made with the Left.

The Left doesn’t want compromise. The Left WILL NOT ACCEPT compromise.

It wants the overthrow of the Constitution and the death of those Americans loyal to it. 
8 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:00:07 AM by RoosterReduxPost Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: Erik LatranyiWe must split the nation and go our separate ways.

Unfortunately, that is impossible.

There is no geographical divide acceptable.

America is now like two plants whose roots have grown together and intertwined. 
9 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:02:45 AM by RoosterReduxPost Reply | Private Reply | To 6 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterRedux

10 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:04:06 AM by preacher ( Journalism no longer reports news, they use news to shape our society.)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterRedux

We are in the civil war. We don’t recognize it as such because there are no uniforms or flags. Instead the engagements are liberals shouting down anyone they don’t agree with. When the conservative leaves the stage they declare a battle won. We aren’t going to see an Antietam. We have lost California and every university campus. We have lost Chicago and Detroit. Refugees from New York and the coasts flood conservative states, ironically turning them into the very thing the refugees fled. We are all altered by this battle. The conservatives of thirty years ago are all gone; dead or transformed. The conservatives of today would have been considered liberals just thirty years ago. It’s hard to see the shape of things when you are immersed in the battle.
11 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:08:08 AM by Gen.BlatherPost Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: preacher

Yep but the US will breakup into smaller regional nations…
12 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:09:02 AM by dpetty121263Post Reply | Private Reply | To 10 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterRedux

The Left is revolting against the Constitution itself. Always have been. Death of a thousand cuts.
13 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:11:13 AM by a fool in paradise (Denounce DUAC – The Democrats Un-American Activists Committee)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 8 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: joma89

Agreed. It’s here now! Just no battlefield. We do have battle lines and war time propaganda.
14 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:14:41 AM by griswold3 (Just another unlicensed nonconformist in a dangerous Liberal world.)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 5 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: a fool in paradiseRight you are.

I cannot envision what victory for the Constitutionalists (us) looks like when the Left (them) wants us dead and our Constitution destroyed. 
15 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:17:17 AM by RoosterReduxPost Reply | Private Reply | To 13 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterRedux

I choose to stand back at the moment, and let the ferals kill themselves. If they show up on my doorstep out in the country, there’s going to be hell to pay.
16 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:21:18 AM by Klemper (And then… and ONLY then… do they get their only chance to come back into America the legal way.)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 4 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: RoosterRedux

It is in this divide between good and evil that CWII (and perhaps even WWIII) will be fought.

I agree.

There’s no “meeting of the minds” with people who, as a block, 100% support infanticide – literally.
17 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:22:22 AM by PraviousPost Reply | Private Reply | To 4 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: Gen.Blather

As far as universities go, stop supporting your alma mater financially, just because the football or basketball team is so great.
18 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:23:23 AM by Old Yeller (Auto-correct has become my worst enema.)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 11 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

19 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:25:09 AM by LucyTPost Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

To: Eaker; Jack Black; archy; DuncanWaring; Travis McGee; Absolutely Nobama; afnamvet; AK2KX; …

About the CWII Ping List

The CWII Ping List is short for Civil War II. It is NOT a list of people advocating another Civil War in America. It is a list of people who are interested in the parallels between the Civil War (or War Between the States, if you prefer) and our current situation, or more generally are noting the references to a ‘coming Civil War’ that are made in the press.

Of course sometimes this is merely a figure of speech, such as “The Tea Parties are fighting a civil war for the heart of the GOP”. This would not merit a CWII ping.

On the other hand someone saying something like “The events in California are reminiscent of what happened in Yugoslavia in the period proceeding the Civil War” would merit a ping.

FR rules do not permit advocating for the overthrow of the Republic, and I am not aware of anyone doing so on the list. Still many do see that as the political climate worsens we may be heading in a direction that makes such a conflict all but inevitable, particularly if other avenues for resolving our differences are taken away. Such as widespread vote fraud by leftists making elections meaningless, or a small cadre of judges over-ruling all attempts to end destructive policies over the clear will of the people.

The correct keyword tag for the Civil War II ping list is “CWII”. Please Freep Mail me to get on the list 
20 posted on 2/28/2019, 6:26:02 AM by DuncanWaring (The Lord uses the good ones; the bad ones use the Lord.)[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies | Report Abuse]

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