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MyPillow CEO at CPAC: Trump’s Election Was a Miracle After Biblical ‘End Times’ Under Obama


On Thursday, MyPillo CEO Mike Lindell compared President Barack Obama’s tenure to the End Times prophesied in the Bible and called President Donald Trump’s election a miracle from God. Lindell described his entry into politics as an awakening from years of apathy.

“I woke up from years of addiction, and I was oblivious as to what was going on in our country,” he began.

Lindell described a tragic setting: “What I saw before me were friends unemployed, terrible political correctness, people saying ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas,’ and people trying to take God out of everything, and not even acknowledging Jesus Christ.”

He remembered a more patriotic and Christian time. “I saw myself thinking back in time to my childhood when seeds of patriotism were planted in our schools like when we pledged allegiance to the flag and recited we were ‘one nation under God,'” Lindell recalled.

“I now saw high prices, a poor economy, high crime, police getting attacked for doing their job. The family values and morality were missing. A president was apologizing to the world for us being the USA, and giving billions of dollars to evil empires,” the MyPillow CEO added, referencing the Iran deal. “A new evil was taking over called ISIS.”………………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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