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Buddhism and Psychology[edit]

Buddhism and psychology overlap in theory and in practice. Since the beginning of the 20th century, four strands of interplay have evolved:

  • descriptive phenomenology: scholars[30] have found in Buddhist teachings a detailed introspective phenomenological psychology (particularly in the Abhidhamma which outlines various traits, emotions and personality types).
  • psychotherapeutic meaning: humanistic psychotherapists have found in Buddhism’s non-dualisticapproach and enlightenment experiences (such as in Zen kensho) the potential for transformation, healing and finding existential meaning. This connection was explained by a modification of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development introducing the process of initiation.[31]
  • clinical utility: some contemporary mental-health practitioners increasingly find ancient Buddhist practices (such as the development of mindfulness) of empirically proven therapeutic value.[32]
  • popular psychology and spirituality: psychology has been popularized,[33] and has become blended with spirituality in some forms of modern spirituality. Buddhist notions form an important ingredient of this modern mix.
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