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BIN ^ | 3/28/19 | Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz 

Posted on 4/8/2019, 10:06:45 AM by Roman_War_Criminal

In what may be seen as an ominous case of synchronicity, earthquake and tsunami drills were held all over the world in the last month.

On Wednesday, tens of thousands of residents of Oakland, California were shocked when their cellphones buzzed with a message: there had been no earthquake. Though intended to reassure them that the earthquake warning system was operational, many took it is an ominous reminder that they lived in a region with a history of seismic catastrophes. There are plans to have the system over the entire West Coast of the U.S. within the next few years.

Earthquake drills were also held in other places around the U.S including Connecticut and Colorado.

On Tuesday, sections of the East Coast, including New Jersey and the Virgin Islands, held tsunami drills. Over the last month, a major drill preparing for earthquakes and tsunamis was held throughout the Philippines for the first time. Over the last two months, drills were held in Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, and several other nations.

Israel was also part of this informal global seismic drill. Two weeks ago, the Home Front Command held a tsunami exercise in schools throughout the country for the first time. Tsunamis are rare in Israel and the last one, the result of a large earthquake off the coast of Greece, hit the Israeli shores in 1956.

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