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The Religion of Feeling: A Warning to Conservatives
American Thinker ^ | 05/08/2019 | Judith Acosta 

Posted on 5/8/2019, 10:25:19 AM by SeekAndFind

For a vast percentage of those on the left, all the rhetoric comes down to one basic and very emotional platform: they are the good guys, facts be damned. And despite the tendency of the rational to dismiss it, this is not a platform to be trifled with.

When asked what their political beliefs are, liberals all repeat the same chant: the right is evil, corporate, racist, intolerant, and homophobic, and the left is “humane,” “tolerant,” and “nice.” They don’t even use the word “good” because that lexicon is fraught with the implication of a moral code that does not pay homage to the new religion of feeling.

One woman I know who attends church sporadically but identifies herself as Catholic also calls herself a liberal and a Democrat because she sees herself as caring about people (her words). She sees this divide in sharp relief when it comes to borders and wall-building, despite the fact that in the broader understanding of “home” her position was a Maginot Line that left her, her family, and her friends completely undefended.

I asked her, “When you go to sleep, do you close your front door? Do you lock your sliding doors?”

“Of course,” she looked at me sideways. Who doesn’t close their doors at night?

I said nothing further. She is one of the most cautious people I know, fretting over what might happen to herself, to her loved ones, under any circumstance. Why she is cautious in her home, tending so scrupulously to her own little borders, but caring not a whit about our country’s borders is honestly beyond me.

This is the emotional chasm. This is the great divide between Democrat and Republican. It is not statistical. It is not logical. It is a profound disconnect between thinking and voting.

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