Gunny G:… “…It is my contention that concurrent with the rise and spread of Christianity ran a strong thread of truth, counter to the orthodox Christian position. The roots of this thread in the Western world are traceable back to Plato and before, and extend through the great Gnostic and Neoplatonic thinkers to the present day, where A Course in Miracles is among its clearest and purest exponents. This thread reflects a unified spirit, despite its disparate voices. It is the spirit of a wisdom that recognizes the alienation of living in a world that does not correspond to the pure oneness of God, the voice of one experiencing the paradox of the unbridgeable gulf between the perfection of God and His creation, set against the obvious imperfections of this world that are so foreign to one’s true Self. And yet it is a voice that sees salvation from this world as possible if not inevitable….”……

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