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Barack Obama: A Pacifist Turned Hawk, Threatens The Use Of Nuclear Weapons | Obama

May 17, 2014 1 comment

(Before It’s News)

By Kourosh Ziabari

Global Research, May 17, 2014

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President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...

President Barack Obama addresses the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)














When Barack Obama was surprisingly elected as the U.S. President in the 2008 elections, the world came to believe that a new phase of relationship and interaction between the United States and the international community would begin soon.

That is why more than 150 world leaders rushed to send congratulatory messages to him, praising him as someone who can usher in a new era of constructive and peaceful cooperation after 8 erosive years of confrontation, militarism, despotism and bullying by President George W. Bush and his like-minded cabinet.


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Obama 2012 – May The Farce Be With You | Veterans Today

February 9, 2012 1 comment

In four years, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama, the agent of hope and change, has become the prince of darkness and his presidency has become a farce ~ an absurdly futile exercise in pretense and broken promises from a president who cloaks himself in armor and answers only to the global elite.

I am a former progressive Democrat, now a proud member of a vast army of Independents, who are fed up with a president who was obviously selected by the global elite, and elected to maintain the status quo ~ and most certainly does not deserve another four years to deliver on the false promises he made four years ago.

I’m tired of being lied to, I’m tired of watching our liberties rapidly erode under the tattered banner of the War on Terror and I’m tired of watching and experiencing our constitutional right of public dissent being marginalized and suppressed in order to maintain an out of control and still unregulated Wall Street ~ as well as a rapidly expanding Prison Industrial complex and a growing militarized police state.

A recent Human Rights Watch report has revealed critical issues facing Americans today including severe poverty, child labor, overcrowded prisons and a flawed judicial system. Here are my recent brief comments on Press TV regarding these points along with US government tactics of suppressing citizen rights amid on going movements aimed at exposing the unequal distribution of wealth and power in government and business. And what does the establishment really fear? The answer is an empowered people armed with the truth! 3 minute video

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Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Win Leads to Formal Investigation of Award

February 6, 2012 2 comments

STOCKHOLM, Sweden AP — Nobel Peace Prize officials were facing a formal inquiry over accusations they have drifted away from the prize’s original selection criteria by choosing such winners as President Barack Obama, as the nomination deadline for the 2012 awards closed Wednesday.The investigation comes after persistent complaints by a Norwegian peace researcher that the original purpose of the prize was to diminish the role of military power in international relations.

If the Stockholm County Administrative Board, which supervises foundations in Sweden’s capital, finds that prize founder Alfred Nobel’s will is not being honored, it has the authority to suspend award decisions going back three years – though that would be unlikely and unprecedented, said Mikael Wiman, a legal expert working for the county.Excerpt Read more at …

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Debate: Has President Obama lived up to his Nobel Peace Prize? (With Poll to FReep)

October 10, 2011 1 comment

Debate: Has President Obama lived up to his Nobel Peace Prize? (With Poll to FReep)

CNN ^ | October 10, 2011 | Amar C. Bakshi

Posted on Monday, October 10, 2011 9:15:19 AM by rightwingintelligentsia

The following is an excerpt of my interview with Thorbjørn Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which is responsible for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize. In this section, Jagland speaks about whether Obama lived up to the expectations of the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded in 2009. The rest of the interview will be published later today covering topics from the tragedy in Norway to Europe‘s role in Central Asia.

Has President Obama lived up to his Nobel Peace Prize?

Yes, I think so. I’m as convinced as I was when he got it that he deserved it for many reasons. He changed so many things in American foreign policy; During three months’ time, he, for instance and that’s what’s the main reason why he got the prize, namely that he paved the way for new negotiations with the Russian Federation about nuclear arms. If you look at the will of Alfred Nobel that goes directly to what he said that the prize should go to the person that has worked for – he called it reduction of standing armies but in today’s terms it means arm control and disarmament. So President Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize because he paved the way for such negotiations; he said that he was willing to discuss the nuclear shield of Europe and therefore, the Russians were beginning to come back to the table and negotiations started again.

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