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Everything Changes But Only When You Say it Out Loud! By Jim Kirwan…The NWO want us to FEAR them without reserve and everything they say or do is being done to accomplish that end-result…

January 24, 2011 1 comment
Everything Changes
But Only When You Say it Out Loud!
By Jim Kirwan
Because What goes around must come back around
This is an indisputable fact of nature.
Every tyrannical dictatorship, every crushing Empire and every overbearing attempt to “own” this world has always met with the same gruesome ending.Whether it was the ancient Egyptians, or the Greeks or the Romans or the Ming Dynasties. Neither Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great, the Vikings or the over four-hundred year war upon the native population in the West; all the way down to the occupation and genocide of the Palestinians. Not even the efforts of the latter day Nazis nor even Stalin’s purges have been able to change the world into the Martial Madness that these freaks-of-nature are trying so hard to control, in their current war upon humanity.
Looking back it is easy to see that WWI was the beginning of this pathetic consolidation of the financiers and their war machines. That was followed by a brief pause until WWII was hatched to finish what they began in 1917. Afterwards there was no global peace; there was only the continuing preparation for this final chapter that was meant to end humanity and firmly establish a global police-state whose only goal has always been the destruction of everything that might advance humanity while stealing resources and life from every other nation on the face of the earth to over-fill the global-bankers-coffers and flood the surviving communities with millions of nameless coffins-of-the-dead which the globalists’ began this fight to insure.
There was also an attempt made by these traitors to avoid the completion of the circle which Francisco Goya depicts above. Because at the supposed end of WWII the USA saved fifty-thousand of the worst of the worst Nazi’s to use in our new Cloak & Dagger Operations worldwide; and other nations did their best to do the same. That’s why “WWII” did not really end with the formal and unconditional surrender of the Axis Powers. In fact that declared-ending was in reality just the beginning of this war to take-it-all.
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