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Richard Posner: ‘No value’ in studying the U.S. Constitution – Washington Times

By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times – Monday, June 27, 2016Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner sees “absolutely no value” in studying the U.S. Constitution because “eighteenth-century guys” couldn’t have possibly foreseen the culture and technology of today.In a recent … Continue reading

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Josef Goebbels Would Be Proud… ~ “…The reality, however, is that the moral and ethical deterioration of American society is the true villain, not guns in the hands of law-abiding American citizens. This is similar to the lies told by Josef Goebbels to disarm the German people so they could not resist and fight back against the Nazi regime. Following the Orlando terrorist attack the Obama administration’s Ministry of Propaganda decided that editing the transcripts of the telephone calls between the terrorist and the 911 operator, and removing any references that clearly identified the attacker as a radical Islamic terrorist was in the administration’s best interest. In other words, if the truth is inconvenient or doesn’t fit within the message the administration wants to convey, then simply create an illusion and tell a lie. It’s quite obvious that the Ministry of Propaganda is alive and well in the Obama administration and candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president of the United States. The only thing missing is the snappy brown uniforms….”

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