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September 25, 2014 2 comments

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Russia and US Intel Release New Smoking Gun Evidence on 9/11! Names of Who Did It! ShareRussia and US Intel Release New Smoking Gun Evidence on 9/11! Names of Who Did It!

ShareBy Glenn Canady on Tuesday Sep 23 2014 10:30Coca-Cola Just Paid $1,000,000 To Keep This Hidden

From YouCoca-Cola Just Paid $1,000,000 To Keep This Hidden From YouBy Now The End Begins on Monday Sep 22 2014 07:32Baking Soda –

True Enemy of The Pharmaceutical IndustryBaking Soda – True Enemy of The Pharmaceutical IndustryBy NESARA on Tuesday Sep 23 2014 13:16

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Why the Alternative Media Will Soon Be King….. “Enjoy the alternative media while you can. For comparative purposes, I though you might enjoy looking the declining number of the following mainstream media news outlets and compare them to the alternative media. This is eye opening.” | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

July 2, 2014 1 comment

Why the Alternative Media Will Soon Be King

Why the Alternative Media Will Soon Be King 02 Jul, 2014 by Dave Hodges

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I used to lament the fact that the 98% of the mainstream media was owned by five corporations. A decade ago, we all knew that the media was controlled, but the public would laugh in our faces for saying so.


obama-destruction1 (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)







Today, the laughter and cries of “conspiracy theorist” are fading. The mainstream media is dying and the alternative media is exploding and will soon be king.This is a highly significant development. If the globalists are truly going to impose draconian martial law control in the United States, controlling the narrative is critical.


propdispl (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)








In fact, if the globalists are going to achieve complete dictatorial control over our country, they must achieve two objectives. First, they must quickly move to control the Internet because the alternative media is approaching critical mass and more and more of the public is waking up. Sociologists will tell you that when a committed movement reaches 10% of the population, the movement explodes!


gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)






I will be writing a future article where I fully develop this point.The globalists are quickly reaching the point where they can no longer tolerate the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Steve Quayle and Alex Jones. The globalists must move quickly to subjugate the alternative media before it becomes impossible to control the population.


ayersflag (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)







This article examines this trend curve.The following video sets the tone nicely for the subsequent discussion with regard to understanding how the mainstream media is on life support. Coast to Coast Is the Barometer When Coast to Coast left the alternative media and became part of the censored mainstream media, that put the show on the road to life support.


realobam (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)







Art Bell used to be the king of night time radio. His show was creative and captured much of America’s listening audience’s imagination. However, when Art sold control of his show to Premiere Networks and ultimately to Clear Channel Communications, Art lost a good portion of his editorial control and Coast to Coast was never the same. Eventually, Art left Coast and its been nothing but a ratings slide ever since, except for the brief breath of fresh air provided by John B. Wells.

After a period of prolonged instability following the departure of Art Bell as the primary host of Coast to Coast, George Noory entered the scene in 2003 where he has since remained. However, Noory’s listening numbers are nothing to write home about. Once upon a time, some estimated that Art Bell had somewhere around 6-12 million listeners on any given night. In contrast, Noory’s numbers are a much smaller 275,000 to 300,000 listeners per night. Interestingly, the Hagmann and Hagmann report boasts very similar numbers on a good night.

Further, Alex Jones averages two million listeners per week, which averages about 400,000 per day which is leaving Coast to Coast in the rear view mirror. If Coast to Coast is to remain a viable entity, they will have to begin to embrace the pioneer spirit of Art Bell and John B. Wells. When John B. Wells joined coast, his numbers were anywhere between 750,000 to 1.2 million listeners for any given Saturday night. This ratings disparity could not have resonated well with George Noory.There were some who were in favor of making Wells the permanent host of the show during the week. This idea was met with draconian repression in an effort to preserve the status quo. George Noory has proven to be a good corporate employee and a great protector of the corporate interest and that is first and foremost in importance to management at Clear Channel. This speaks to the clear message of what Coast to Coast has become.

One has to go no further than Steve Quayle’s website to understand the seismic shift in who the public is following with regard to getting their news. Steve has one of the largest websites in the world. In the alternative media, he is in the top three. He has 1,533 websites that follow his work and publications on a daily basis.

This exponentially increases his reach in a way that would have not been possible before the introduction of the Internet.The numbers are in, and as you can see below, people would rather go to sites like Steve Quayle, or listen to Doug and Joe Hagmann, rather than get their news from CNN, Fox, HLN or MSNBC.Case In Point: The Common Sense Show…………………………..

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via Why the Alternative Media Will Soon Be King | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show.

Why Clinton Will Run… (Re Hillary and Waco, Etc…)

June 8, 2014 2 comments

Why Clinton Will Run

The Washington Post ^ | Friday, June 6, 2014 | Ruth MarcusPosted on 6/8/2014, 10:08:04 AM by kristinnThe last few days have offered vivid illustrations of why Hillary Clinton could decide not to run for president — and why, in the end, I believe she will.

Example No. 1 is the ludicrous debate over whether Clinton, in the latest People magazine cover, was leaning on a walker.


bubbahil (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)







SNIPThe fact that the phantom walker was even a topic of public debate says everything about the wacko media environment that uniquely surrounds Clinton.“PHOTO:

IS CLINTON HOLDING A WALKER?” the Drudge Report tweeted.

Right, not saying she is. Just askin’.The Washington Free Beacon chimed in with a semiotic analysis of the People cover. “The cover looks innocent enough, but a close analytical reading reveals what can only be interpreted as a deliberate effort to call attention to the former secretary of state and Goldman Sachs affiliate’s advanced age,” editor Andrew Stiles wrote, noting the proximity of the word “grandmother” to Clinton’s hands on “what a layperson might reasonably assume to be an old person’s walker.”


takethngsawayfryou (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



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The End of Freedom, Privacy and Safety In America | (“Why does the government care about personal sarcasm in social media? The short answer is that they don’t. It does not take a rocket scientist to conclude that this technology has a broad spectrum capability and the appropriately named Secret Service has the capacity to detect much more than personal sarcasm. This looks like a beta test for monitoring…”)Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

June 4, 2014 1 comment

The End of Freedom,

Privacy and Safety In AmericaJune 4, 2014 – Conspiracy, Featured, Main – Tagged: dave hodges, ferpa, gun confiscation, gun registration, NSA, obama claims right to murder U.S. citizens, privacy, the common sense show – 1 comment Dave HodgesJune 4, 2014

The Common Sense Showobama ia m the law here


bigbrowatch (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)








From the moment you leave your home in the morning till the time you return home at night, you are under constant surveillance. And once you return home, your computer, television and smart meter is gathering information on you. Have most of you even considered how far this is going to go? Have you contemplated the future implications of the total loss of freedom, privacy and safety in America?


barbflag (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)








No, this is not your typical “The NSA is spying on me from space and reading my every email”. We already know that is happening, however, most of choose to ignore these unwarranted and illegal intrusions into our daily lives by telling ourselves that it is OK because “I have nothing to hide”.What most of us remain in denial about is the fact that by living under the Police State Surveillance Grid, we are allowing unelected bureaucrats working for the elite, to gain the ability to reach into every area of our lives.

And with regard to the lives of our children, they have grown up in a time in history when they think this is normal and legal.In this article, I have selected few small examples of topical news items which became public on the same day which are representative of how far the average American has slipped into the abyss of total enslavement.

Your Child At SchoolThe unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education has called safeguarding children’s privacy a priority, according to Secretary Anne Duncan as noted in a recent video chat. To put it bluntly, Secretary Duncan is not telling the truth. In my experiences as an educator, I came to respect and fear the law we all refer to as Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA


obampoint (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

which tells educators and administrators that any unwarranted disclosure of student information is a federal offense and one can lose their job for any violations. What most educators do not know is the fact that FERPA gives school districts the right to share student information with private companies “to further educational goals”.


bubbahil (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



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A Synthesis of a Russian Textbook on Mass Mind-Control (Psychopolitics) (via ~ BLOGGER.1984.GUNNY.G ~ (BLOG & EMAIL))

May 30, 2014 25 comments

Originally posted on BLOGGING BAD: Gunny G:

BRAIN-WASHING (Mind-Changing) Part 1 of 3 A Synthesis of a Russian Textbook on Mass Mind-Control (Psychopolitics) Revised and Edited by Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr U.S. Army, Retired Introduction by Sheldon Emry, Pastor Lord’s Covenant Church INTRODUCTION The booklet you are about to read is an English paraphrase of a Red Communist “textbook” used both in Russia and in America to train Communist agents in the art of deceiving non-communists with ? Read More


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What Is Hillary Clinton Afraid Of?

May 1, 2014 4 comments

What Is Hillary Clinton Afraid Of?

Politico ^ | May/June 2014 | GLENN THRUSH and MAGGIE HABERMAN

Posted on Thursday, May 01, 2014 12:48:48 PM by Second Amendment First

Over the 25 years Hillary Clinton has spent in the national spotlight,

Hillary Clinton - Caricature

Hillary Clinton – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)










she’s been smeared and stereotyped, the subject of dozens of over-hyped or downright fictional stories and books alleging, among other things, that she is a lesbian, a Black Widow killer who offed Vincent Foster then led an unprecedented coverup, a pathological liar, a real estate swindler, a Commie, a harridan.


jarrwin (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



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April 21, 2014 1 comment



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)









At some point in the past, the American ethos was centered on suspicion of government –whether liberal, conservative, or otherwise. For most of America’s first two centuries, Americans were taxed less, regulated less, and left more alone by their government than any other people in the world.



jfkwarng (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


jfkwarng (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

These conditions resulted in an explosion of innovation, wealth, and culture unsurpassed at any time in human history.


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