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Prison » Obama to Swear In for Second Term in Secret

November 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Barack Obama’s second term in the Oval Office will, like the first term, start with a do-over. History is repeating itself, as once again, two versions of the presidential oath will be administered — one in public to commemorate the event- and another, official oath, given in private to swear the president into office.


English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In 2009, Justice Roberts made an error in administering the oath, misstating the word “faithfully,” so Barack Obama re-took the oath during a private ceremony the next day.


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The Insanity of War Flags Over Graves by Roger Young

May 26, 2012 4 comments

Any state created holiday is accompanied by display of that institution’s symbols. Memorial Day in the U.S., when many remember those (at least in the military) that have been consumed or merely abused (but survived) by the beast of war, is one of these holidays where the state’s symbols are quite prevalent.

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