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The American People Are MIA As Obama Continues Unabated….. “…it calls for the removal of the president’s inner circle of collaborators as well….”

March 30, 2015 1 comment

The American People Are MIA As Obama Continues Unabated

Sons Of Liberty Media ^ | 3/27/2015 | Susan D. Harris

Posted on 3/30/2015, 8:20:00 AM by HomerBohn

On the website, there are 23,815 signers calling for the president to resign or be impeached. There are “0” planned protests against Obama’s policies.

A quick internet search shows the following: A National Impeach Obama event in Simi Valley on April 4, 2015 to be held at the intersection of Tapo Canyon Rd. and Alamo St. The Impeach Obama Now Coalition has 17,288 “likes” on Facebook. They urge people to protest every Saturday. There are currently ten states that have one or more protests scheduled. Overpasses for America has a list of currently scheduled protests. Only sixteen states are participating. A World Net Daily petition currently has 17,509 signatures for impeachment. has a tally of 27,571. It is unique in that it calls for the removal of the president’s inner circle of collaborators as well. Pledge to Impeach also has a handy link to a dozen impeachment petitions that total nearly 2 million signers.

So…what happens now? Apparently nearly two million people have signed petitions supporting impeachment. That number is correct if we assume everyone didn’t sign multiple petitions, which I know I did.

The question is, so what? What do petitions mean in a Republic that is being run by a rogue dictator and elected representatives that ignore the will………………..MORE!!!!!

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Chuck Baldwin — Ted Cruz: Pros And Cons… “…However, if one wants to get an idea of what the remnant of the old Religious Right is thinking today, read what my friend Richard Viguerie has to say. Richard is one of the original founders of what became known as the Moral Majority and then the Religious Right. He is still very influential with those who would identify themselves as part of the Religious Right. And Richard has glowing words for Mr. Cruz:…”

March 26, 2015 1 comment

By Chuck Baldwin

March 26, 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made his candidacy for President of the United States official this week. He is the first Republican to officially jump into the presidential race. He chose my alma mater, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, to make the announcement. Readers immediately inundated me with requests for my thoughts on his candidacy. Today’s column will attempt to answer those requests. Mind you, these are preliminary thoughts, subject to change one way or the other as I learn more about Senator Cruz.

Before I list what seem to me to be more obvious pros and cons of his candidacy, let me say that it is extremely obvious that Mr. Cruz is wanting to “corner the market” on the Christian conservative vote and make them the ideological and political base of his campaign. The fact that he chose Liberty University, the largest evangelical Christian university in the country, to make his announcement makes it crystal clear. And if some of the early reactions to the senator’s strategy are any indication of whether Senator Cruz succeeded or not, it may seem that he has taken a big step in that regard.

While the politically potent Religious Right of the Reagan/Bush era is only a shell of its former self, it is a stark reality that no Republican since Richard Nixon has won a presidential race without the enthusiastic support of Christian conservatives. Republican presidential candidates must at least APPEAR “conservative” enough to attract the base of religious conservatives or face a thumping in the general election. If you don’t believe that, just ask John McCain and Mitt Romney.

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William Cruz (No matter who you back, read this)….. ~ “…Cruz was intentionally provocative because he intends to make the Left itself the main issue. People of all shapes and sizes were rising to their feet,………”

March 24, 2015 2 comments

William Cruz (No matter who you back, read this)

PJ Media‘s Belmont Club ^ | March 24, 2015 | Richard Fernandez

Posted on 3/24/2015, 5:44:41 AM by 2ndDivisionVet

Michael Van Der Galien has tried to understand why the Ted Cruz presidential candidacy announcement has set social media on its ear and advances a tentative theory. “But why are leftists’ heads exploding as well?

I’ve got no doubt I know the answer: they fear him.

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tremendously even. He is everything they oppose: a true, small-government conservative.”

If that were all Cruz were guilty of it wouldn’t be half bad. It’s far worse. His “Imagine” speech seemed calculated to ridicule every Leftist shibboleth with predictable effect.

The Left lost no time characterizing him as a Christian bigot, a patriarchal supremacist, an uneducated, crazy, anti-poor, anti-abortion “uppity loudmouth” besides being that supreme abomination, a White Latino. If there’s some sacred cow in the Leftist canon Ted Cruz has left undefiled, he will soon enough defile it. That’s the plan.

Cruz was intentionally provocative because he intends to make the Left itself the main issue. People of all shapes and sizes were rising to their feet,…………………….. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Libs Are Losing Control –

March 15, 2015 1 comment

By Gary North

The Tea Party Economist

March 14, 2015

Greater diversity undermines oligopoly control, and liberals have based everything on oligopoly.

Central banking is based on oligopoly. Entertainment is based on oligopoly. The news industry is based on oligopoly. The political structure is based on oligopoly.

Now, because Internet bandwidth keeps getting cheaper, the oligopoly model is collapsing. Only in politics and education is the linear model still dominant. But it is clear that it is going to die in education. The Khan Academy is the wave of the future. So is the Ron Paul Curriculum. The bankruptcy of two private colleges last week is the canary in the coal mine of higher education. Sweet Briar and Tennessee Temple are closing their doors. This is the wave of the future.


My wife and I have not watched live television in years. We will not watch television advertising under any circumstances.

We use a cable television service. We automatically record the shows that we like to see each week, and then we watch them the next day or later in the day, in the case of Sunday Morning. When the advertisements come on, either I or my wife speeds through them.

This is going to destroy the networks.

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Gunny G: ~ 17 Brilliant Insights From Legendary Marine General James Mattis

March 12, 2015 2 comments

The “dream world” Mattis is talking about is one of denial and complacency — a mood in combat that can get you killed. And in corporate America, it can get you wiped out by the competition.

General James Mattis

General James Mattis

“If in order to kill the enemy you have to kill an innocent, don’t take the shot. Don’t create more enemies than you take out by some immoral act.”………………..


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Which Leaker Is Worse, Petraeus or Snowden?

March 8, 2015 1 comment

Which Leaker Is Worse, Petraeus or Snowden? ^ | March 8, 2015 | Debra J. Saunders

Posted on 3/8/2015, 9:17:34 AM by Kaslin

Former four-star general and CIA chief David Petraeus pleaded guilty to one count of retaining classified information for handing over information in personal notebooks to his biographer girlfriend in 2011. He agreed to pay a $40,000 fine; prosecutors said they would recommend two years’ probation instead of prison, although a judge could decide otherwise. It’s a sad close to a government career for the man whose counterinsurgency strategy turned around the war in Iraq. He’s an American hero who seemed all that much more upright when he resigned in November 2012 after admitting to an affair that compromised his position — without drama and after quickly owning up to his mistakes.

Except he didn’t come completely clean; America now knows — because it’s in the official record — Petraeus lied to the FBI. That’s a serious offense. But should he go to prison?

On one side, Petraeus supporters, such as Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., argued that Petraeus had done……..MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Which Leaker Is Worse, Petraeus or Snowden?.


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