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Obama’s True Enemy…[Daniel 11]… ~ “…I am here to tell you that President Barack Obama has failed at nothing. From his point of view, he is a total success. He is, however, as accused, failing to name the enemy, as so many folks on the right-of-center accuse him of when it comes to the worldwide battle we see emerging around the globe. However, who we see to be the enemy, and who he views to be the enemy, are two different things……”

Obama’s True Enemy…[Daniel 11] Canada Free Press ^ | 2/27/2015 | Douglas V. Gibbs Posted on 2/28/2015, 11:49:39 AM by Jan_Sobieski Republicans, and conservatives that file into Tea Party meetings and rallies, Constitution Classes, and Libertarian gatherings, say time and … Continue reading

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The Case Against Public Education ( Abolish it!)

If public education is allowed to survive, all efforts to resuscitate the inert husk of modern civilization will fail. It is time to unravel the most wasteful and destructive entitlement program of all. .   (snip)     For years, … Continue reading

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Congress: The Ultimate “Epic Fail!”

The DeadStream Media will suffocate us with reports of “compromise” and success, and “real budget cuts.” It’s all bull. The news should be about sell-outs, fake “cuts” that actually increase expenses and the ultimate EPIC FAIL! The republicans failed. They … Continue reading

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